What Nintendo Is Doing Right

The conventional wisdom is that Nintendo has screwed up. They've lost the plot. Dropped the ball. Somehow sunk their own battleship. But they're actually doing a bunch of things right, too.

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Sincere01211638d ago

Sssssh no one wants to hear about Nintendo doing right, fanboys and the hate patrol on this site only want to criticize Nintendo.
Didn't you know that no credit is ever allowed to be given to Nintendo, thats illegal round here.

Moonman1637d ago

I wish the haters can get blown away by a ripe Wario Waft. ;p

Studio-YaMi1637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

Look,nobody likes to admit that the company that makes the platform of their choice is doing wrong even when it's too obvious to neglect unless you want to keep closing your eyes and pretend that everything is fine and dandy.

Nintendo is in deep trouble(at least with the Wii U) and if games like SuperSmashBros and Mario Kart 8 doesn't help them move their console and improve sales,you can bet that they will either drop their console in favour of a better one OR you'll keep getting games,just not as much as the competition,it's already happening now anyways.

You have Nintendo & their Wii U sales drop.
You have Sony with their financial problems.
You have Microsoft Xbox division with all the 180s fiasco(Kinect on the other hand is a 180 that I approve of and left a smile on my face).

Let's hope that all of them get their sh*t together and still be here for this gen and the next one.

E3 should be entertaining this year(I hope!).

BTW,you could have contributed to the matter at hand in a logical/productive way instead of trying to start something in the comments section,just saying...

Chrischi19881637d ago

I agree, blind love wont help at all. But that doesnt change the fact, that Nintendo also gets a lot of shit it doesnt deserve, like the article about Mario Kart being a racist game, because there were no africans in there... And this is just the tip of the iceberg. Of course Nintendo did a lot wrong, but that doesnt mean that everything they do is the worst and destined to fail, like it is a trend right now, to act like it is...

Chrischi19881637d ago

And let the shitstorm begin...

DualWielding1637d ago

I don't agree with the things you mentioned but there are a few things Nintendo is doing right:

Letting gamers use a standard external usb hard drive for storing games (those 500 GB won't be enough for Xbone/PS4) ironically Wii U is the one who would have been o.k with an internal 500 GB and no external storage as Wii U games are smaller...

Using standard SD cards for the 3DS (any Vita owner who says they'll not love to be able to use standard SD cards on their Vita is lying)

Including an activity log (this feature is awesome, don't know why Sony and Microsoft haven't copied it yet since it should not be that hard to implement)

g4n1637d ago

If nintendo has done wrong, where does that leave M$?

elhebbo161637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

I dont really see why people double down on the wii u so much, personally for me its the perfect console to go along side my PC. all the AAA multiplat I just get'em on my beefy machine and let Nintendo supply me with some of my fav games that appear no where else.

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