If Sony doesn't stop chasing that AAA dragon it's going to kill the Vita

GameZone's Joe Donato writes, "If Sony really wants to kill it at E3, or just start selling Vitas in general, they need to start offering things people haven’t thought of. They need to offer robust experiences in genres that suit the platform."

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brbobcat1666d ago

I feel like the Vita has been slowly picking up steam lately

gear1666d ago

Stupid gamer/developer:U know what the PS vita needs is an indie game like PAC man ,pokemon (GBA version) ,all mini games the size of a speck it will boost the vita sales
Smart gamer/developer: what the vita needs is AAA titles or at least a remastering or remake of ps1 titles that will boost the vita sales
So which side are u on?

Fixay1666d ago

i do own a vita but I don't think it really has picked up much steam as of late.

The Borderlands bundle did help a bit from what I could tell here on N4G, but we seriously need some big hitters

Bundi1666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

How so? Sales? It sold 3300 units in all of the US in April and has sold less than 70k in total this year in the region according to NPD.
Worldwide the Vita, psp and the VitaTV sold less than 4.2 million in the last 12 months and Sony is predicting a 600k drop for the coming 12 months.

Games? What original games are expected to grace the handheld this year globally?

What is this steam that you see being picked up?

Golibos1666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

ps vita slim bonderland 2 bundle..... release date may 2014 at US

DCfan1666d ago

Ugh, i won't even bother with you.
Original games? it has more original games coming up more than all consoles combined.

Spotie1666d ago

Oh, hi, Bundi. Trolling again, I see. You know what would answer your questions about original games for the Vita?


Amazing what a simple Google search could do. You should try it. It would prevent your from looking so ignorant.

DigitalRaptor1666d ago

"Games? What original games are expected to grace the handheld this year globally?"

You can tell that when a person asks this question, their #1 reason to be here is to troll.

Bundi, if you actually cared, you'd already know the answer to that question.

Bytor1666d ago

That's because there weren't any to buy unless you want to pay 300 dollars on amazon.

Bytor1666d ago

That's because there were none to buy so your numbers don't mean shit.

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theDivision1666d ago

Especially if remote play continues to pick up popularity and more and more companies do it. If Destiny supports remote play I think that will be the selling factor for myself on purchasing one.

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MrSwankSinatra1666d ago

AAA games on the vita is not the problem it's the whole "consonle-like games on the go" ideology is whats killing the vita. Sony needs to realize that the market doesn't want that when it comes to dedicated handheld gaming. An i'm sure people will disagree but as wise man once said "people lie but numbers do not lie" and the numbers show that vita is not performing. Vita needs more AAA "portable" games rather than AAA "console" games.

SouthClaw1666d ago

Exactly. Handheld doesn't really work well with console games. This is where Nintendo are ruling the market because they know their market. Lets be honest Sony never really understood the market. All I gotta say is PSP GO.

Tross1666d ago

Sony and Nintendo are clearly better suited to different markets, and one could argue that Nintendo doesn't know the console market very well anymore, but yeah, they do know their stuff when it comes to the handheld market.

Sony's obviously approaching the vita from a Japanese perspective. Japan's work culture supposedly makes them so busy that handhelds are more popular, since they can be played on the train. There are people in NA who are also too busy to fit in much gaming time at home, and the idea of console quality games on the go, appeals to them too.

However, most people prefer console quality games, on consoles. Handheld ports of these games, can and do work, but the vita just isn't quite as powerful, and most ports aren't quite as good ad their console counterparts. What the system needs, is titles built exclusively for it. They can be console-esque in nature, but built from the ground up for the vita instead, with effective use of its strengths, and features.

Then again, handheld knockoffs are hardly the answer either, since I don't think there's much of a market for those anymore. There was a time when, say, the psp God of War titles, were well regarded, because even though they weren't quite as good as their console counterparts, they were pretty close, and in addition to being original games, were portable. I think that novelty has since worn off.

That's why I like Daxter for the psp. Ready at Dawn could have made a handheld Jak knockoff, but they chose to make a game that's unique, and tailored to the psp. I can't explain it, but it just feels right at home on the system. The vita doesn't have a game like that, yet. Uncharted: Golden Abyss could have been that, but it wasn't. Instead it was more of a gimmick selling title. Ok, sure, it used the vita's featured, but it felt forced, like it was made to be a big tech demo, whereas Daxter doesn't feel forced. Again, it's hard to explain, but I think the vita could use something like that.

XisThatKid1666d ago

Keep the connectivity but give the console it's identity and keep the good innovative games coming that contour the console well. DROP the price on mem sticks.

intellegent1666d ago

The Vita needs games like a new Crash Bandicoot made by Sony.

yewles11666d ago

"If Sony doesn't stop chasing that AAA dragon it's going to kill the Vita"

This article is WAAAAAAAAAY too late to the party on this one...

jspillen1666d ago

The console games on the go idea really died more than a year ago. It's really been all about smaller title, indies, and ports. However, Killzone Mercenary and Tearaway were the biggest AAA titles. Both were great games anyway.

goldwyncq1666d ago

We need more games like Tearaway - games that take advantage of the system's exclusive features.

gamedebater1666d ago

Have any of you tried remote play? It's sickly accurate. You can play Child of Light on the go! It really works better than I thought. VITA is great, just needs more RPG's / platformers ect

welly3001666d ago

Remote play don't wrk that good for me sky router not upto task.vita Needs more buttons the only thing that lets killzone down is that stupid touch pad at back needed extra shoulder triggers

gamedebater1666d ago

you shouldnt be playing killzone on the vita. More like assasins creed / ni no kuni / resogun. stuff like that.

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