Aerena: Clash of Champions rejected by publishers who "only take pay-to-win games"

In an interview with Strategy Informer, Cliffhanger's Creative Director Jan Wagner has revealed that the turn-based multiplayer arena game Aerena: Clash of Champions was turned down by publishers who told the developers that they "only take pay-to-win games".

"Another thing that were trying to do," said Wagner, "which might be stupid from an economic perspective, is that we're trying to make a 'fair-to-play' game – you can get anything in the game by just playing. Anything that you can unlock can be bought for hard currency or soft currency which you earn by playing."

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Mikefizzled1770d ago

Oh look. Seems I have some scum in my industry.

Tzuno1770d ago

well it's a business and they think things in the favor of profit.

Mikefizzled1770d ago

Whilst true its the exploitive method of making the player pay for a supposedly F2P game that I find disgusting.

Tzuno1770d ago

true, as long as people pay for this kind of "abuse" they will continue this way. The world is hurting itself because people are to indifferent.