The PS3 Firmware 2.4 Guide

So, with the news this morning that PS3 Firmware 2.40 will include in-game XMB TheSixthAxis has decided to break it down a little - find out what's confirmed and what isn't, and put together what they think 2.40 will actually involve. Will the features suddenly appear in-game? How will Sony get around the Custom Soundtracks patent? Will we get Trophies?

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crimsonfox4653d ago (Edited 4653d ago )

a guide...i dont need a damn guide

who uses this crap just mess around with it and find out for your self thats why i haven't read anything for mgs4 or any other game i want people need to stop ruining things before there released i would much rather enjoy finding out things my self

i don't know where this came from...sorry

EDIT: looking though's all crap we know

this is a waste of time...

tojfs79314652d ago

How would you know all the features of the firmware update if they weren't listed? Moron.

redwingsrock4653d ago

a good No BS article, very rare for today i'd say

thereapersson4653d ago

Though from the sound of their predictions, it doesn't sound quite unified yet. I hope Sony can roll this thing out the way it should, and enable unified support through the actual system, and not have it be just a game-by-game basis, like we currently have.

yanikins1114653d ago

If you actually read that patent there are a dozen ways sony could bypass it. Anywayo, back to sshd

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