Target Offering Triple Trade in Value for Any Game You Trade in This Week

OnlySP: Target is offering a sweet deal this week for those of you looking to get some credit for upcoming games.

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Snookies122583d ago

Hmmm, so are these deals not shown on the website? I mean, I see where it says triple trade bonus, but when you calculate them on the site it doesn't match what's shown in the article.

admiralvic2583d ago

It's in the weekly flyer and the site does not reflect the 3x value. However, I can confirm it is legitimate and got some absurd money for some older games earlier today.

These include (some values might be off by a dollar of two, since I am doing it from memory)...

ACIV - $54
Monster Hunter 3DS - $37
Super Mario 3D World - $57
New Super Mario Bros. U - $28

Snookies122583d ago

Wow, that's awesome man! Gotta get up there today in that case. :]

Wingsfan242583d ago

Pretty sure they're just doing this in store only. I couldn't confirm that when writing the article, but it seems the comment above does.

Starbucks_Fan2583d ago

Here's what I've brought in so far. Take advantage of this ASAP, the values will plummet soon.

Battlefield 4 PS4- $54. Paid $45 at launch lol
Bat man arkham origins 360- $21
Infamous second son- $53. Paid $45 a couple weeks ago.
Killzone sf- $43
Battlefield 4 x360- $26
Asscreed bf 360- $21

I bought a copy of South Park SOT for $40 there with the gift card but I noticed later it trades in for $53 so I'm gonna trade that in and buy a couple more copies and do the same thing.

LAWSON722583d ago (Edited 2583d ago )

*If it is in the trade in catalog. FYI a lot of games are not, pretty much all pre- 2013 titles

Wingsfan242583d ago

Did you look at the catalog? The games that still have at least some value to them are in there. Just in the first few pages I saw the original Dark Souls, Left 4 Dead 2 and many more. There's plenty to trade in. And with the triple value it's really only worth it to get rid of recent titles since you get the most bang for your back with those.

admiralvic2583d ago

"FYI a lot of games are not, pretty much all pre- 2013 titles"

Lets be fair here, most of the games listed from before 2013 are practically worthless even with the 3x bonus.

All totals with 3x bonus applied.

Bayonetta - $9 ($7 at BB)
Disgaea 4 - $8.XX ($2 at BB)
Catherine - $9 ($4 at BB)


Super Mario 3D World - $55 ($32 at BB)
Battlefield 4 - $53 ($30 at BB)
Assassin's Creed IV - $51 ($28 at BB)

Obviously some games will be better / worse than others and some retailers might actually beat Target even with the deal, but when push comes to shove, you're most likely NOT going to find someone willing to buy SM3W for more than GameStop is selling used, but you can probably find a deal (like trade 3 and get $10 bonus) to make as much, if not more, use out of older games.

marlinfan102583d ago (Edited 2583d ago )

i went in today and they told me you have to spend the money the same day. it may be different depending on the store but id call in advance.

admiralvic2583d ago

"they told me you have to spend the money the same day."

This is just the blind leading the blind. The only terms to the deal are that you're limited to 3 trades per transactions (so if you have 9 games, you need to do 3 transactions) and it must be part of Targets trade-in catalog to qualify, plus the game must obviously be complete / work.

marlinfan102582d ago (Edited 2582d ago )

lol if you say so buddy, I've seen other people online saying the same thing. i sat there and talked to the guy for a couple minutes and he was telling me how dumb the policy is but we literally had to spend the money the same day. I'm not some little kid thats gonna believe whatever someone tells me.

i know that you already know everything though so no point in talking to you

Starbucks_Fan2583d ago

that's something that happens in certain states. On CheapAssGamer a lot of Floridians reported this.

Metallox2583d ago

How much they would give for New Super Mario Bros. U? Nintendo games keep at 60 dollars for years.

LAWSON722583d ago

You can get price on site. Then just x3 it

admiralvic2583d ago

Or look at my comment where I directly mention the price...

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