NPD shuns Nintendoom, Play Mario Kart 8 TODAY, Take-Two working on Wii U? – Week in Review 5/16/14

Welcome to the latest edition of Nintendo Enthusiast Week in Review. This week Shawn Long takes a look at NPD numbers for Wii U software, Take Two’s relationship with Nintendo, Mario Kart 8 Track Days, Abyss Wii U and Moon Chronicles 3DS reviews, and much more! Be sure to stick around until the end to learn how to win a FREE copy of Super Metroid VC for Wii U!

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BattleN2475d ago

@sirNintend0 I wouldn't mind seeing a comparison between Mario Kart 8 vs Sonic All Stars Racing Transformed. As for e3 a good look at the Nintendo Nfc figures would be cool

SirNintend02475d ago

Sounds good! Keep the comments flowing.

BoneBone2475d ago

April Wii U sales up 80% YOY. That's without MK8.

SirNintend02475d ago

Not sure why people downvoted you, but yeah it's pretty interesting.

randomass1712475d ago

80% is not massive, but an increase is an increase is an increase. Not to mention it's an increase for the month where NOTHING came out on Wii U.

thehobbyist2475d ago

That's nearly double, how is that not massive?

Imalwaysright2475d ago (Edited 2475d ago )

80% is not massive? I wonder what you would tell your boss if he/she gave you a 80% raise on your salary.

Spotie2475d ago

If the numbers from last year were miniscule, then an 80% increase isn't that great. 80% of ten sales would only add 8, which isn't a lot. Obviously, the Wii U didn't sell just ten games, but the numbers weren't that great last year, so an 80% increase isn't actually all that much.

randomass1712474d ago

Well Wii U has been making really small numbers. 80% more of a small number isn't too much more. But let's see how it does THIS month and the next with Mario Kart 8 on the rise. :)

marloc_x2474d ago

Uh..imagine an 80% bigger pay cheque?

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nosferatuzodd2475d ago

like i said all the nay Sayers Nintendo isn't going anywhere and im glad about that cuz the wii u is my second system along with my ps4 Zelda must be played for me to be happy

marloc_x2474d ago (Edited 2474d ago )

Moon Chronicles might the cherry on top of two nice games on the 30th. Am looking forward to Zelda U at E3, some insite into Treehouse and Miyamoto's latest efforts..