Wolfenstein: The New Order - Leaked Footage Shows Underwhelming AI

DSOGaming writes: "As we’ve already said, the old-gen console versions of Wolfenstein: The New Order have been leaked and players have been sharing videos from it. And while there is a day-one patch that MachineGames has prepared for it, it appears that the vanilla version suffers from a really awful enemy AI system."

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XiSasukeUchiha1615d ago

Wow just look all that AI huh, should I call it bad?

Christopher1614d ago

Might be a bit misleading. It is a romp and stomp portion of the gameplay. This part of the game isn't supposed t obe difficult, just a little different to give you all the power in the world. Kind of like when you get the laser glaive in Far Cry Blood Dragon. You're supposed to be really powerful and nigh unstoppable at that moment.

I also wouldn't be surprised if this was on causal mode where you hardly take any damage.

Not trying to say this is not a game with bad AI here, but seems to be a bit of a poor selection of gameplay to try and sell the overall game as having poor AI.

Christopher1614d ago

@DaBeatSpecialist: Okay, that looks pretty bad. Hope that's not from anything new and from an old alpha build or something.

Army_of_Darkness1614d ago

I like how when you fire your rockets to the enemy Mechs, they don't budge one little bit. lol! next gen quality physics baby yeah!

solar1614d ago

it's the PS4/XB1 version thats why :P

Rickgrimes951614d ago

Shit I'll probably play this on hard so I can have a challenge

Magicite1614d ago

Ill pass on this one, had enough mediocre FPS in my past.

Rickgrimes951614d ago

I would check out the reviews before u jump to a decision that's what I'm doin if it's a 7 or over on most reviews I'll probably buy kinda disappointed there's no multiplayer but at least they didn't shoehorn a crappy multiplayer just for a bulletpoint on the back of the box

MRMagoo1231614d ago

I just said the other day after playing this on PS3 its not that good and unless you are a giant fan of average fps games its not worth the money but i had a heap of disagrees lol. ah well some ppl just dont wanna believe. A couple ppl i know have the pc version tho it looks better its still not that good a game imo.

MasterCornholio1614d ago

Looks like another game inspired them with their bad AI.


That looks horrible.

Genuine-User1614d ago (Edited 1614d ago )

The game was set on the easiest setting. Confirmed by neogaf members.

maddskull1614d ago

yes i have the game and i tried to play the game in all difficulties if you give a 5 year old the game with the easiest difficulty he may complete it because it is not the know easy it is easier because they have 5 diificulties.

BattleReach1614d ago

Last Gen Version? No day one update installed? Played on easy? This can't be for real on next gen on hard/insane.

deadfrag1614d ago

I dont think theres a day one patch for the PS3 and Xbox360 only for next gen i think,right?

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The story is too old to be commented.