PS4 And XB1 To Sell 30 Millions By March 2015, says Ubisoft

Ubisoft's CEO Yves Guillemot shared the company's projection on next gen consoles: they expect them to have sold 30 million units by March 2015.

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Aurenar3693d ago

Reach 30 million units sold is difficult but not impossible, if I look at the pace of sales. I hope they all stop developing for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, so that they can devote all energies to the new hardware of the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

kaiserfranz3693d ago

Yeah, I'm sick of cross-generation titles as well.

They are surely slowing the technology progress right now.

miyamoto3693d ago (Edited 3693d ago )

Hold your horses!

I think what developers do is make high res assets for PS4 and PC then downgrade them games for PS3. Naughty Dog made the Uncharted and The Last of Us games that way.

I don't believe last gen versions slowdown game development. Its just time, money & manpower consuming to port other versions. And there are development houses specifically there for this kind of job like BluePoint Games and Backbone Entertainment.


30 million is realistic & I have reason to believe PS4 alone can sell 15 million units in 2014 & 2015 each depending on how Sony can ramp up production speeds because the PS4 sales are just limited by Sony's ability to make more PS4s because of its dire financial situation. If Sony can loan some money to quicken & double up PS4 production then its all for the better of the game industry.

Rossello3693d ago

30 millions...damn...thats a whole lot of sheeps!!!!

LordMaim3693d ago (Edited 3693d ago )

They mean 30 million consoles in total between the PS4 and Xbox One. That's not an unreasonable goal, especially once the 4Q 2014 games are released.

GordonKnight3693d ago

Yeah and if you throw in the Wii U. they're more than half way there.

tuglu_pati3693d ago

I think PS4 could achieve this milestone, Xbox One not so much if it keep selling how is selling.

nowitzki20043693d ago

I might be getting one once they drop kinect and bundle a game for 399. Still will be great games for it, and wii u as well but that I will not be getting unless zelda gets released and reviews are thru the roof.

Zelda for me is Nintendos best franchise.

tuglu_pati3693d ago

Agree. I love Zelda franchise but i haven't own a nintendo console since the Game Cube. Maybe this time i will, who knows, i just cant find the time to game on three consoles anymore and there are plenty of games coming for PS4 and XBO in the near future.

Sitdown3693d ago (Edited 3693d ago )

Who cares that the article said "combined", it had Xbox one in the title, so I must do my job and bash it. ;-) but anyhow.... You are correct, given the current rate.

creatchee3693d ago


I can't see them completely shutting down development on PS360 while there are still so many people who haven't gone next-gen at this point. However, making games designed for next-gen and then downported to PS360 (if possible) is better than going for some kind of parity-based middle ground by starting with the older consoles and working up.

kneon3693d ago

The ps4 should be close to 20 million by then, so the xb1 just has to do about 6 million between now and march.

FITgamer3693d ago

Seems plausible, 18.5 million PS4 to 11.5 million Xbox One. If the discrepancy in sales doesn't shift.

sebzhd3693d ago

20 millions PS4, 10 millions xone.

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incendy353693d ago

Definitely possible, almost all consoles sales come in the holiday quarter. Depends on what games they have coming out to push those holidays though. Looks like both Halo 5 and Uncharted will be 2015 releases.

HollowedSoul143693d ago

haha just maybe ps4 and that's a big maybe but definitely not the xbox one. ms would have too magically sell over 2 million xbones a month to reach 30 million by march 2015. just ridiculous.

incendy353693d ago

He is talking about combined sales. Not individual sales.

HollowedSoul143692d ago (Edited 3692d ago )

opps my bad.....well this article is a waste of time anyways, such a vague and pointless statement. pointlessly neutral. when we all know ps4 will probably sell 20 million or more of that 30 million.

chrissx3693d ago (Edited 3693d ago )

Only Ps4 has the slight possibility of reaching those figures by 2015 ending. Would be a super achievement if it manages to ever happen