Replayability: Does it matter?

games™ talks to the writers behind Batman: Arkham Origins, Mass Effect, Baldur’s Gate, Amnesia, Soma & BioShock about how to instil replayability in narrative-based games, and why it’s an integral part of games produciton

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Matt6661613d ago (Edited 1613d ago )

I agree it does matter, if it got re playability it usually means it a good game if it doesn't it means it was a bad game.

But saying that it also depends on what type of games you like weather you think it got re playability or not. Like most things it comes down to your own personal opinion.

GribbleGrunger1613d ago (Edited 1613d ago )

If the reason for replayability has substance then yes, it does matter. Opening new areas, playing as a different character with different ability sets, branching story lines and alternative endings are legitimate reasons to warrant a second (or even third) playthrough, but things such as new clothing or even new weapons are just not weighty enough motivation. There are exceptions to the rule of course. For instance, I played TLOU seven times, not because of any additional content but simply because of how engaging the characters, story and gameplay was.

BattleN1613d ago

Mario kart 8 will be in my WiiU for years!

BattleN1613d ago

I want to buy plants vs zombies garden warfare but it's always online, so if It actually had an offline mode I'd buy it. Damn EA and there DRM!

avengers19781613d ago

It matters, especially when there are alternate ways to play the game, it does not matter if it's just for trophies/achievements. I game has to be pretty good for me to want to play it more than once, considering so many great games are out there to play.

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hellzsupernova1613d ago

I have only ever replayed a games story twice.
Once with Mass Effect 2
and 8 times with Heavy Rain

It is nice to have a game that you can go through more then once but it is not a deal breaker

RonRico1613d ago

I agree. If the game delivers an enjoyable experience that's of decent length and tells an enthralling story, one playthrough can be enough.

ironfist921613d ago

Depends what you gain from replaying it again.

New Game+ is always an encouraging factor into playing a game again.

BattleN1613d ago

Chrono Trigger, Resident Evil are a great example of that concept!

SixtyNine1613d ago (Edited 1613d ago )

It does to me. There are certain games you can play times over and never get bored with it. Not all games possess this trait.

sovkhan1613d ago

Does not matter much, depending on the game type...

While this maybe a plus for some shooters and mp oriented games...

Sp and story driven games don't relay on it much...Given a solid story and challenging gameplay.

incendy351613d ago

Sometimes I feel that way with really long story based games. I tend to only play Bioshock games once, even though two of them are in my top 50 of all time. I think the reason is that the gameplay in Bioshock while serviceable, isn't what makes those games great. It is the story and characters that really make those games.

Halo games for example I play over and over because they not only have great stories but also incredible gameplay. I would say the only time re-playability doesn't become important is when the gameplay itself isn't that great to begin with. : )

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