The Xbox One Could Rise To The Top, If Microsoft Does One Thing

Microsoft is a company famous for big successes and big mistakes. Windows ME and to some extent Vista are cases in point. Some of Microsoft’s mistakes have been releasing products that aren’t very good – again, Windows ME – and some of those mistakes have come from listening to the public.

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Lowsnamebrand1619d ago

ya, MS should stop listening to there target audience and fall further behind in sales, im not even a MS fan and i think that would be the dumbest thing they could do.

badboy7761619d ago

2 things

1.Drop price $299

2.Xbox Live Free

mikeslemonade1619d ago

This article is garbage. Two flaws in the article after skimming. He says all xbox have the system connected online which is not even close. Only half of the install base have it connected and only 1/3 have Gold or even less than that(pretty sure less than 1/3).

He says no one cares about 1080p and 60frames except high end PC gamers. That's wrong too and self explanatory. And also it's about the gap and system prowess of the PS4.

and @top I think 300 and free gold would only make the X1 stay competitive in sales but they will still lose to PS4. We learned from last gen that a one year headstart and $150 advantage for the better part of the generation still could not beat PlayStation.

AngelicIceDiamond1619d ago (Edited 1619d ago )

So I notice ppl here only on N4g keeps saying MS should drop the price to 299$. Or this site is most vocal about that.

Why is that? Why is it this site keeps plugging that?

Everyone knows MS will start to do just fine at 399$ along side great compelling games.

I don't, I don't get this site and why ppl say the things they do here.

Some times I think they're joking but ppl are serious and just baffling the logic ppl come up with here.

example @Badboy comment "Xbox Live free" there's.

You know damn well why that's not happening. Especially now that the competition has charged online services.

FriedGoat1619d ago (Edited 1619d ago )

Because a system SUBSTANTIALLY weaker should not have the same price point as something nearly double the power.

Hence when I buy a graphics card the more powerful cards are more expensive.

barb_wire1619d ago (Edited 1619d ago )

XBL is never going be free - at least not in the forseeable future.

MS have spent a fortune (billions) just getting the TV side of the XBOX division up and running and trust me, they intend to keep the TV side.. but TV programming isn't cheap neither is the talent needed to make it.

No, people will be paying for XBL for many more years to come.

Clown_Syndr0me1619d ago

Are you joking?
Perhaps Virgin should make Broadband free too. Oh and why doesn't Sky drop their subscription fees?
Perhaps football clubs should give their season passes out free of charge too?

MelvinTheGreat1619d ago

Lol @ FriedGoat double the power, no. The devs said that GDDR5 was 50% FASTER, that does not translate to double the power.

Gekko361619d ago (Edited 1619d ago )

A few things.

1. Dropping the price is an incredibly stupid thing to do. (The market dictates the price point... Not you.

2. Xbox Live has been a pay service since conception with The original Xbox, providing a great service. Now that common apps have been removed from behind the paywall should they give it away for free, again a stupid argument.

OT: I've read the article thoroughly and completely agree. I had no issues what so ever with the original plan for Xbox One.

So the idea that the public bollocks things up is correct!. All the moaning gamers should have been ignored from the very start. MS shouldn't be interested in what Sony are doing, but instead moving forward with their own vision.

Dropping the price further would have been fine.

As for @mikeslemonade's flamebait comments regarding the PS4 prowess and X1 should come with free Live Gold membership. That again is crazy. Why would a company that already makes an excellent ecosystem for online gaming care about giving it away for free just to stay competitive, when they can either do a price cut or roll games in with the price.

Right now you can buy an X1 with titan fall for £379. The price cut it making a difference in the UK. I don't live in America so care little for American's or what deals they have. What I do care about is the public thinking that dumb ideas will some how either save the day or bury MS.

In short. It's time for MS to tell the hardcore gamers on this site and others of it's ilk to STFU.

johndoe112111619d ago (Edited 1619d ago )

This has to be the most idiotic, retarded, senseless, ill-informed, out of touch, mind-numbingly stupid microsoft koolaid guzzling article I have ever read.

I'm sorry but that author is a complete idiot that is out of touch with the gaming community. Had microsoft kept the drm they probably would have sold less than a million units to date. Had they not bundled the kinect in the first place they would not be having the abysmal sales figures that they have had for the past 4 months.

The moment microsoft decided to force kinect they placed themselves in a loose/loose situation. People were saying since the reveal that they would not buy an xbone if it came with the kinect, they kept it anyway, hence the abysmal sales figures. By choosing to drop it now they are screwing the initial buyers who bought into their "vision".

This could have all been avoided if they just kept it optional. Sony kept the ps camera optional and the damn thing is selling like hotcakes. People will always prefer options.

malokevi1619d ago Show
Magicite1619d ago

That is NEVER, EVER, NEVER ,EVER gonna happen..
Oh wait, its a MS, You can expect 180 anytime.

xx4xx1619d ago


One of the reasons Sony started charging for their online component was because they saw Microsoft made like a billion dollars off of XBOX Live memberships alone.

They won't give away that cash.

kreate1619d ago (Edited 1619d ago )

if I may add to angelic's comment.

I don't understand why so many ppl paid for xbl last gen when nobody else charged for online play.

back than, the excuse I heard was that psn sucks, and xbl had netflix.

the most dumbest excuse I ever heard. and this excuse was used by some n4g users I considered smart.

I told everyone that this type of practice, if not fought against early on, will become the industry norm in the future.

Microsoft is rich, they can afford to not charge for online play, while charging for their tv services.

yet, the lemmings in america are totally fine with paying something that use to be free.

I really don't understand ppl, not just this site. now that its the industry norm, I pay both on psn and xbl.

thanks to the lemmings.

there's no going back now even if ppl did complain.

DragonKnight1619d ago

Except MS never listened to the public. They listened to sales. So, in fact, they are doing what any business would do and trying to get more sales. It just so happens that the reason their sales aren't up to expectations is the reasons that the public have stated so it's only a coincidence that their maneuvers turn out to be consumer friendly, but their motivation wasn't consumers it was sales.

mcarsehat1619d ago

I think they will throw a load of big AAA exclusives at us. gamers want big AAA exclusives. Yes there is a big talk of indie games at this time but most hardcore gamers don't want indie games, they want the shiny shiny graphics and that's what sells.

I'm a big fan of indies, i think Hotline Miami might be the best game i have played this year (even with the PixelArt graphics, i still got a bit weary and sometimes scared playing the levels haha)

Gamers aren't like me though, the majority are 14 year old boys that want big bombastic games so the company that goes further down that route will win overall.

SilentNegotiator1619d ago (Edited 1619d ago )

What a moronic article...Yet another ill-informed idiot claiming that we would have gotten full fledged "family sharing" when nothing of the sort was announced. It was a RUMOR.

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Hindsite is 20/20 where were the articles like this pre the price drop. Now everyone want to talk about how MS should have kept the kinect in the box and continued to innovate. MS cant win in the gaming community, people are so fickle and jaded.

Darkstares1619d ago

It's kind of a wonky topic, they suggest Microsoft just go full steam ahead and stop listing to fans. Sales speak louder than what's said on forums. Sure there is a vocal minority out there who just continue to spout out noise and will never be a customer regardless. They do however have to use sales as a way to see what works and what doesn't work.

I personally believe it was pre-order numbers and developers that told Microsoft hold on a minute with their initial plans to lock games and require a 24 hour check-in process. Now that the X1 sales have flattened after selling 4 million they realize it's not working. That's why they are removing Kinect. Plus you have analysts like Pachter saying they need price parity to compete with the PS4.

The good news is they are able to do these things. Nintendo is even more stubborn, they still think of yesterday and use the same handbook that worked years ago. What worked yesterday simply won't work today. Sony learned many lessons too with the PS3 which is why the PS4 is running so smoothly for them. Microsoft may suggest they listen to fans but in reality they only really listen to sales. There needs to be a balance, you can't just rely on the die-hards who wear their passion on their sleeves. You have to be able to react quickly and thankfully Microsoft in only half a year into this generation.

medman1619d ago (Edited 1619d ago )

I really don't understand why articles like this exist....Microsoft has yet to "win" a single console generation, so what "rise to the top" is this article referring to? In order to rise to the top, Microsoft would have to win areas outside the US and UK, and that isn't going to happen. Microsoft is going to have a hard enough time trying to claw it's way back even in the US and UK, never mind everywhere else.

Gamerbynight1618d ago (Edited 1618d ago )

Microsoft most definitely won last gen. There competition lost a huge chunk of business to microsoft called the USA. When you loose marketshare and watch your company devalue to junk stocks and analysts are talking bankruptcy as away out while your competitor basically tied you in ww numbers and took your market share and your company is not worth even half of what it was at the beginning of last gen is not winning. In my opinion microsoft easily won last gen with those things being considered. The health of your company and profits going forward are the single most telling sign. We will have to see how this gen goes but its way to early to tell at 6 months in.

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MEGANE1619d ago (Edited 1619d ago )

Well, i don't even know what to think anymore.
XBOXONE doesn't have any personality anymore, It has change a lot from what MS announce a year ago.
The problem with MS is that they are not use to innovate but to copy or imitate, and at soon as they saw success in PS4 they turn their machine into an underpower PS4. They sacrifice all this innovations because they dint have faith and conviction.
MS is trying to play safe by following the PS4 formula(price, PLUS, etc).
Now the question is; "what can I do with an X1 Diskinected that I can't with a PS4?"

tuglu_pati1619d ago

What can a PS4 can do except for better graphics a PS3 cant do. You see your question can be applied to any console.

MEGANE1619d ago (Edited 1619d ago )

Lets keep it Next Gen(X1, PS4 and WiiU I guess), but to be fair with you I feel there was more of an upgrade from PS2 to PS3 than from PS3 to PS4. "The PS3, is a Beast".

Before i get disagrees think all the good things PS3 brought to the table; Full HD, HDD, Bluetooth, BlueRay, Wireless, Card readers, Optical, HDMI. Wireless controllers(built in batteries ;) ....). Backwards compatibilities and more!
Man! PS3 still my favorite Console of all time!!
Not only that., PS3 single handed push the HD generation across the border

tuglu_pati1619d ago

i agree with you on that one PS3 is a beast ;)

user14394141619d ago

I am gamer and playing games in better graphics and also with a much better controller than the PS3 plus having a much better interface and online PSN I am very happy I upgraded to the PS4. I do not want Kinect gaming or TV DVR features.

FriedGoat1619d ago

Well also, I can play my full PS4 games when I'm out of the house with almost no input delay.

Clown_Syndr0me1619d ago

To be honest the highest step up from last gen to this gen was the ability to stream from my console without my capture card, and voice commands.
I love using Twitch on consoles, its justa shame that the PS4s twitch is very limited compared to the X1s.

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MRMagoo1231619d ago (Edited 1619d ago )

Yup they need to back up their ideas, I dont want to bring Sony up in this but look how they went with Bluray, people said it was a mistake but they knew it wasnt so they stuck to their guns and now bluray is even in the xbone, MS may have swayed people into their train of thought if they had only stuck to their original plans from day dot and watched how the cards fell, instead they changed everything that made it a different console and now althought Xbone fanboys wont admit it , its just a weaker PS4.


The ps4 can stream live gameplay at a touch of a button, it can screen capture any moment you choose at a touch of a button, it has far more ram therefore can hold more memory on games making them more diverse, it can download in the background whilst playing games, it can use voice commands, it has special uses with the speaker in the controller along with the light. I have a lot more but i think you get the point. there are loads of things it can do that the ps3 cant.

Ashlen1619d ago (Edited 1619d ago )

Um, they did stick to there guns until they realized that PS4 was getting pre-orders 10 to 1 at many retailers.

People who think Microsoft should have stayed the course either have already forgotten how things actually went down or are just delusional.

If they hadn't made all the 180's things would be far worse for them than they already are.

Why o why1619d ago

Trust me....if ms didn't do all of those 180s their console would of been dead on arrival. The rest of the world would of shunned it worst than what they are already due to the features NOT available in their regions.

ScareFactor1619d ago

Obviously the leap from PS2 was bigger were going into the first HD generation

SoulSercher6201619d ago (Edited 1619d ago )

"So the answer to Microsoft’s problems with the Xbox One? Simple. Stop listening to the public and put everything back the way it was when it was announced a year ago. Then, and only then, will the console be the best of its generation."

Did this guy miss the whole DRM fiasco last year? He must not have realized gamers won't stand be to be locked down, and that's why pre-orders for XB1 were abysmal until MS removed it.

A perfect example of someone who cares more about MS than gamers.

MCTJim1619d ago

This now makes 14 total in 36 record?

Spotie1619d ago

Are you going to keep complaining? It's a fresh, relevant topic, and everyone has an opinion on it. Since nearly everyone has a website or blog, there will be many articles discussing said subject.

There's nobody with a gun to your head forcing you to read the articles...which I doubt you're really doing anyway.

MCTJim1618d ago

Only as fresh as the other 15. So yes..i will continue. These are all duplicates that should not be approved time after time.

Spotie1618d ago

Freshness isn't at all determined by the number of articles covering the subject, but by the recency of it. As it is extremely recent, expect heavy coverage, and avoid accordingly.

Also, you can't call opinion pieces duplicates unless they're actually the same article by the same person. If those requirements aren't met, then it just happens to be lots of articles that are similar due to the authors having similar opinions on a given subject.

And, as always, you're free to ignore them.

OrangePowerz1619d ago

Without the changes they might have even worse sales than the Wii U. They made the changes because they have seen Pre Order numbers last year and now the sales numbers.

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