Auto Club Revolution set for major overhaul on June 16th, Oculus Rift support in the pipeline

VVV: "Auto Club Revolution developer Eutechnyx has confirmed the free-to-play PC racing game will be fundamentally re-engineered through a forthcoming update.

Claimed by Eutechnyx to be a "full remodelling" of the browser-based title, Auto Club Revolution "V2.0" will add hordes of new content to the game, as well as tweak and polish existing ACR features."

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ATi_Elite1620d ago

ACR Dev 1 " have you seen DriveClub and Project Cars"

ACR Dev 2 " YES We all have"

ACR Dev 1 " have you guys played Assetto Corsa and iRacing League"

ACR Dev 2 "Sure all the time"

ACR Dev 1 "Good cause I want ALL of THAT in our game, NOW get to WORK no breaks no time off"

ACR fans go wild!!!!