The Xbox Was The Future — Now It's Just A Game Console

The Verge writes, "By removing Kinect, Microsoft is forfeiting its original vision."

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GamersHeaven1619d ago

Kinect was D.O.A never had a future.

BadboyCivic1619d ago

I don't get why MS abandoned its core gamers who supported them and went for casual gamers and TV enthusiast.

Anarki1619d ago

I'd take Project Morpheus over Kinect anyday.

colonel1791619d ago

Because they saw the Wii selling like hotcakes and wanted a piece of the pie.

I don't even want Morpheus. It's going to be the same story as Wii and Kinect: Sounds pretty cool, but there is not going to be many games that support it. There are going to be very few games that excel with VR, and the other 95% will be normal games with VR tacked on, which will only get in the way.

pompombrum1619d ago

They looked at the Wii's success and figured they could emulate it, capture that elusive casuals market while throwing the core gamers a halo/gears/forza bone every year.

uth111619d ago

Because MS saw a market opening. There's all sorts of set-top boxes out and coming out. They decided to 'unify' them, as if consumers were crying out for this. Being MS, they probably planned to be the dominant player in this field, and become the gatekeeper, giving them access new revenue streams that would eclipse pure game sales.

nicksetzer11619d ago (Edited 1619d ago )

Hilarious how you guys go from calling it an overprices and forced "gimmick." To claiming it is the biggest mistake ever now....

You guys would complain no matter what MS does, personally I feel xbox has become 100% more focused and appealing in the last few months. (thanks to the leadership overhaul)

arinaborina1619d ago

it was don mattrick being stupid, hopefully phil is taking care of it (and by the looks of it, he is)

fenome1619d ago




Because they saw how the wii took the world by storm and they see how Candy Crush makes over $600,000 every single day. They were expecting to catch some of that lightning in a bottle.

If they did have a vision with all of this, then it was clouded by dollar signs. Ultimately they've talked too much and shown too little.

People can still only speculate at their true intentions behind this because all they said was this is the 'future' because we said so. No true breakdown on what it was was ever given. Other than cutting out the middle-man when it comes to used games and a 'family share plan' that they never explained properly. Just another thing taken away..

The thing they invessted more into than the actual console itself, now taken away also. I'm not blowing smoke or rainbows about anything here, I have no interest in i but I'm not trying to pretend I speak for anyone but myself. I'm all for competition and I'm all for differentiating yourself, that's what they had going for them. The main problem was they never proved it, they just talked about the awesome things it could do.

Now they're just trying to please everyone after the backlash, they need to find their focus. They're trying to compete in ways they shouldn't, they should just focus on what they're trying to do and let it speak for itself, but never forget that the GAMERS come first! We're why they dipped their toes in these waters to begin with.

Right now the forecast is Cloudy, but they might turn into Thunderheads by E3. Hopeffully they bring the games and make people eat crow, so far they've just been eating their own.

Out of all the Xbox guys, I like Phil the most, so hopefully he can actually make some changes in good way over there.

E3's almost here baby, it's the gamers superbowl!!


Muzikguy1619d ago

@ colonel I gave you a bubble for sharing the same belief as me.

OT Kinect IMO was the biggest gimmick I've seen any company try to sell in a very long time. Nothing it was said to be able to do came to fruition (voice commands big whoop). I was never sold on it and I'm glad to see it is essentially "over". There's a reason devs haven't used it.... There aren't uses for it a controller can't do faster or more precise. Move, that's a little different. I don't have that either though

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SG1_dapunisherX1619d ago

I think the only thing ms can do, is mix it up with vr if ms are planning to make one

Funantic11619d ago

The Kinect still has support from MS. But they listened to the feedback and gave people a Kinectless console and choice. MS wasn't gonna sit back and let potential customers walk away. The first Kinect was one of the most sold peripherals ever. That's money. Plus Kinect has way more potential than the PS eye.

chaos-lockheart1619d ago (Edited 1619d ago )

lol, they were never the future, future consoles don't have brick power supplies outside, and a ugly a55 box, and who the hell uses AA batteries in the future. man the people working there are like 80 year olds, they really need to fire everyone and restart over by hiring younger people with fashion and new ideas. VR is the future, not a camera.

Jonny5isalive1619d ago

yup, was a future nobody wanted. And now its a games console that some more people might consider.

johny51618d ago

That's impossible! I'm already ALIVE....

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masterfox1619d ago

what a bunch of hypocrites who writes this articles.

InMyOpinion1619d ago

Still not as big hypocrites as MS. Promising a console powered by the cloud and designed around Kinect, and now it's nothing more than a souped up 360. Bunch of idiots.

Tedakin1619d ago

They haven't abandoned it. It's still included in the 499 SKU and they clearly said it's still their main vision. That could change, but right now, it's still there.

Bigpappy1619d ago

The Xbox is owned by MS. It is there to be purchased by the public or ignored. The have to do what they see as best for their business. I am just one of those public customers. If I loss confidence in them to have a coherent vision, I can always go back to PC, or find more productive use of my time.

I am still with Xbox, but I am watching to see how this all plays out. Right now they have better games than PS4, so they think all they need to do is match the price of PS4. It may hell until PS4 gets More quality games, but that shouldn't be too far off. Then what? How do they sell X1 as a choice over PS4 when they both have plenty of great games?

Kinect Sports rivals offered nothing really new. The only Sports that could push purchases, are bowling and maybe tennis. They should have gone with boxing and running or jumping. Wave racing was free to play for months . Climbing is ok, but these games are not $60 compelling . The game should be no more than $40.

Ju1619d ago

People who say the XO has the better games have never played PS4 games (or have never had an HD TV) before.

MasterCornholio1619d ago

They abandoned their vision of Kinect being Integral to the operation of the system.

That's the way I see it.

Volkama1619d ago

Yup they just hit the kinect with a fairly weighty hammer-blow. Obviously if the adoption rate for the device happens to remain high then it'll get support, but at this point I would not expect it.

It'll be interesting to see how much they do or don't marginalise the peripheral over the coming months. They do still have several million of the things out in the wild already.

I hope XBox Fitness still gets good support.

ArbitorChief1619d ago

Ahh the hypocrisy, it just never ends XD

Agent_hitman1619d ago

X1 can still be considered as future proof even without kinect..

sAVAge_bEaST1619d ago

I thought it was the Future, even with Kinect,

Color me Confused.

-ahhh, now I get, It was just being Beta Tested.

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