Customize Your Xbox One Controllers with Xbox One Send-in Service, PS4 Service to Follow

Owners of Xbox One controllers can send off their joypads for 'blinging up', which we believe is the phrase.

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McScroggz2715d ago

Part of me would want a customized skin for my controller, but no thank you to any mods. Just feels wrong.

salmon_slapped2715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )

I feel the same way especially if it's a multiplayer game. And seriously a drop shot feature...?

But I've been thinking of making a new design for my controller with LED's, all i can say is thank god for play and charge because of it.

Edit: Nevermind far less options than i thought.

805Junior8052715d ago has led options for both ps4 and xbox one controllers

generalthadeape2715d ago

I would only consider adding my gamertag to my controller-- any other mods, I would consider "cheating".

Brix902715d ago

Will wait for Scuf to come out with a PS4 controller.

karlowma2715d ago

One of the benefits of console gaming is that everyone has a level playing field because they're using the same technology.

Controller mods, aesthetics aside, has always seemed like cheating to me.

voodoochild3462715d ago

That's because it is cheating. Thirsty people who want to feel like they have skill but don't want to put in the work. I used to get messages from scrubs in gears 3 talk the time that thought I had modded controller. As if it is unfathomable that I can have such a beastly hammerburst using only the same controller that came with the 360 slim my little sister gifted me. Guilty by association I guess...

Ripsta7th2715d ago

Still waiting on that blue and red controller Sony...