Nintendo Financial Briefing Document Says Monolith Soft X is Coming This Year to US and Europe

The Nintendo financial results briefing for fiscal year ended March 2014 says that Monolith Soft’s highly anticipated X will be coming to North America and Europe sometime this year. The document also has Yarn Yoshi and Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem listed, though both these titles release dates are listed as to be determined.

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pcz2393d ago

im getting a wiiu this year then

MNGamer-N2393d ago

After all the hate and trash talk that you have been spewing over the past year? I seriously don't believe my eyes.

Hopefully you will turn the corner now, and have a little more respect for the people who already own and enjoy the system.

sonypsnow2393d ago

WII U + MonolithSoft's X This Year!

AsimLeonheart2392d ago

It is strange that the game is slated to be released this year but there is no information about it... Maybe we will finally get a blowout this E3. This game along with Fatal Frame and Legend of Zelda are the ones that may make me get a Wii U finally.

cleft52392d ago

I hope this is true, because I am waiting on X before I buy the WiiU. Well, Bayonetta 2 may push me over the edge.

Muffins12232392d ago

He is just not a biased Nintendo fan idiot.
God forbid your Nintendo getting criticized which it does deserve a lot of hate.Nintendo did a horrible job at supporting it but now there starting to get better.

pcz2392d ago

haha i have always said X is a game im seriously interested in.

xenoblade was monumental. i cant miss out on X

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jc485732392d ago

Same here because that closes the deal.

BattleN2393d ago

Sweet missed the original :)

GamingSinceThe80s2393d ago

It's not to late to buy it at a fair price.Gamestop lowered it's price recently now it only $45 it was $80.The Last Story is another late release for the wii that should not be missed by any fan of JRPG's and a steal at around $30.

stragomccloud2393d ago

Some of the best games of the generation, those.

wheresmymonkey2393d ago

Man i wish the last story was that haep i the UK. you can't fin it for less than £40 ($60) if you can find it at all.

kewlkat0072393d ago

Damn hurry, My wii U been collecting dust. Even PS4/xONe is not offering any good jrpgs. Of course still waiting on Bayonetta, Zelda, and some others from Nintendo.

The 10th Rider2392d ago

Yeah, currently RPG's in general are really lacking with this gen.

TomahawkX2393d ago

This is now my most anticipated game of the year!

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The story is too old to be commented.