Sledgehammer: "We're Treating Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Like A New IP"

Three Sledgehammer developers explain that Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare has been approached as a brand new IP by the studio.

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Festano3683d ago

I'm not a fan of the series, I hope that the development of Sledgehammer Games brings significant improvements.

kaiserfranz3683d ago

I haven't been a CoD fan in a long time as well, but I have a good feeling about this one.

Majin-vegeta3683d ago

Well in that case.

-Higher player coun
-Dedi servers not that bs you pulled on Ghost
-Bigger maps or about the same size as Ghost maps.
-Less KS
-NO dumb bs perks.

kaiserfranz3683d ago

Sounds good, but the important thing is to create the maps with the exosuit powers in mind. If they can make traversal fun and somewhat skill based, then they could have a winner.

seanpitt233683d ago (Edited 3683d ago )

Cod developers say this every year but it's the same engine and same game every year I bet the death animations are even the same. They said ghost was a total different cod with a new enhanced engine to tie in with next gen and it had a dog lol.
I bet activision cannot believe there luck with putting the same game out every year and earn billions because the gamers Keep buying it.

I know for a fact this game will be the same even the trailer we saw I could spot a lot of things the same has blackops 2 but this time it's got Kevin spacey.

Vegamyster3683d ago

Sledgehammer hasn't shown us what they can do with direct control over the series, they've been going to tournaments & events to take notes on what the players want from the game. Graphically speaking the game looks noticeably better and they said its a new engine, obviously other games look better but it still looks good and they're probably aiming for 60 fps. I wouldn't jump to conclusions yet until we see both unedited SP/MP footage.

seanpitt233683d ago

Someone said what you just said about ghosts. I just hope your right we need a different take on cod it can be a good game like cod4 was.

Brix903683d ago

Sorry but sounds like Ghost 2 to me no thank you. Bigger maps did not work for Ghost.
Higher player count there's already ground war and most COD players enjoy the 6v6.
Ghost kill streaks were terrible and boring.
Agree with you on perks though.

Sorry but your version of COD sounds like you want it to be battlefield.

-Foxtrot3683d ago

Here we go, hyping it up like it's going to be something brand new and unique when in the end once the hype fades away it will be just another Call of Duty game.

dasbeer883683d ago

If Sledgehammer Games remove Kill/Death Ratio from Advanced Warfare, I can guarantee you that'll be a great overhaul.

Palitera3683d ago

It is unbelievable that some people are still falling for this.

Well, whatever, they'll believe the exact same words next year too...

MegaRay3683d ago

It worked for them for about 5 or more games. Why stop now?

DaMist3683d ago

I'm looking forward to it, i have passed on some of the call of duty games of recent year, but i might give this one a chance. I also have the first Advanced Warfare rap on Youtube :D


DaMist3683d ago

Sorry for the double post. first one didnt work. can anyone show me how to delete one?