Another Atlus PSN Blowout- All PSP Persona Games and Many More RPGs Are Dirt Cheap

Atlus fans confined to Sony’s duo of handhelds shouldn’t feel slighted over this week’s generous eShop savings, as a mountain of sweet discounts have spilled over to the PSN store this week as well.

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dead_pixels3068d ago

Agreed. 20 bucks can score you a few hundred hours of excellent gameplay with this deal.

rivencleft3067d ago

May have to finally try out some Persona.

dead_pixels3067d ago

If you're new to the series I'd start with Persona 2: Innocent Sin as it's a lot more polished and enjoyable than the original.

rivencleft3066d ago

I'll have to check that out, thanks.

Skate-AK3067d ago

Bummer. Nothing I want.