Xbox 360 a robot in disguise

A report on the film's scrip over at The Movie Reporter reveals that some of today's entertainment devices will be making an appearance in the film.

"I almost forgot to mention one of the most stupid scenes in the script," writes Robert Sanchez, editor of The Movie Reporter. "For reasons that I won't get into, we see an iPod, Xbox 360, and plasma screens sprout legs and transform just a bit."

Schmitty076203d ago

That would make the movie even stupider than it already is.

PS360PCROCKS6203d ago

lol yeah I totally agree, MORONS!

OutLaw6203d ago

For the first time I could fine that joke funny. LOL.

USMChardcharger6203d ago

good one outlaw. that was kind of witty of him. *golf clap*