DOA5 in the works? Yes

According to an interview with Dead or Alive creator, Itagaki Dead or Alive 5 is indeed on it's way

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bumnut5451d ago

doa 4 was a very poor game i hope it is better 5th time round.

i would love a soul caliber game for 360

Grown Folks Talk5450d ago

soul calibur is already mentioned for the 360. just a matter of when it will release.

mikeeno75451d ago

team ninja are legendary developers, we all know this. So why do they limit themselves to endless sequels, make something new for cryin out loud!!

OutLaw5451d ago

People could say the same for Mario games. But that franchise keep selling. How about Madden, we buy that game like clock work every august. Those games keep making money and they sell. So why should Team Ninja stop if they are making money with their games?

PS360PCROCKS5451d ago

I thought doa4 was cool but this should be better so hells yea

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The story is too old to be commented.