Kotaku: Ubisoft Specifically Vague On Splinter Cell: Conviction

Last week reports surfaced suggesting that Splinter Cell: Conviction, the latest chapter in Ubisoft's Sam Fisher saga, had gone back to the drwing board for a drastic reworking. Now that the company's Ubidays event has come and gone without even a thumbnail screenshot from the game, a representative is ready to give us specifics on how vague things are with Conviction.

In reference to speculative stories that have appeared recently, in January of 2008 we announced that the game would be released in the fiscal year of '08/'09. And at this point in time we are not ready to be more specific than that. We will begin to communicate more once we feel the time is right for us and our fans.

As the folks at CVG pointed out, last year's Ubidays event saw the game being played by developers, so the vague statements and lack of any assets definitely points towards a complete reworking, and those are never good.

Perhaps they just wanted to stuff it with extra awesome? Maybe? A little?

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Mr PS35487d ago

They are waiting until MGS4 come's out !!
They want to know what they are up against
And then the penny will drop !!

What ever they do it will be compared to MGS4
And no matter what they do
This game will be years behind MGS4
But again the Bots are easily pleased
Sorry Bots but we are Laughing at you now and we will be Laughing at you Next year and the year after and so on

Sphincter cell will SUCK

LenHart5487d ago

Ubi confirmed that

However they are worried too. who buys this cRAP when there is MGS4 .

June 12th FTW

jkhan5487d ago

Isn't this news referring to CVG news already posted?

ISA_Scum5487d ago

After Assassin's Creed barely functioned and Haze turned out to be average but got media-flushed, they better be vague about this game. Delayed till 2009, this is a game that looks to be an early contender for guaranteed flopage!! Seriously, long delays = disaster (except for SPORE). Just ask Haze, Lair, Timeshift, etc devs. How did those games turn out?