Merrill Lynch: Next-Gen Winner Likely to be the Xbox 360

Merrill Lynch research analyst Yoshiyuki Kinoshita said, "The winner in the next-generation console battle is likely to be the Xbox 360, which is the leader in North America, the world's biggest market."

Microsoft's next-gen console launched in November 2005, while Sony's and Nintendo's new systems are just launching this week.

Kinoshita continued, "We forecast respective market shares [by fiscal year ending March 2011] of Xbox 360 [at] 39 percent, PS3 [at] 34 percent and Wii [at] 27 percent, thus overturning Sony's domination of the market with its PS2-based share of 69 percent, and doubling Microsoft and Nintendo's respective market shares."

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gearhead4452d ago (Edited 4452d ago )

My thought exactly!!! Down with Sony!!!

I am glad I own a 360, more market share means more games and exclusives. Sony's heads should be in prison for the root kit fiasco. If I had deployed root kits to thousands of pc users I would be in prison for 10 years, but they get a slap on the wrist.

I hope sony goes bankrupt and ken and the rest of his troll live on the streets.

Sphinx4452d ago

Please explain. This is the first I'd heard of this.

gearhead4452d ago

Sony released audio cd with root kits on them, basically it is a form of a virus/spyware. It allows for unwanted guests to have access to all of your data on your computer, credit card #, financial stuff, etc... They shoould have been shut down for that, a large group of people took them to court and the court ordered sony to send them new cd and not even pay for their computer repairs.

Tut4452d ago

Gearhead doesn't know what he is talking about. It was pretty much the same thing as the Windows Messenger fiasco with the Orient, but a little more shocking.

BBC wrote some good stuff about it, you can search for it there if you want to learn more about it.

Arkham4452d ago

That was Sony-BMG, not Sony or Sony Computer Entertainment. Sony does own half of the company, but it was the assheads at Sony-BMG who came up with that idiotic idea. It's independently operated and free to f*ck up without the help of Sony Computer Entertainment.

The more managers and directors and officers, the more opportunity to screw up. It's a fact of life. :)

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Marty83704452d ago

I'd take this news with a pinch of salt.For starters Wii has'nt even launched yet they predict a win for X360.What complete rubbish.The Nex Gen War is a marathon not a sprint,its only just started.

gearhead4452d ago

of other espectable analyst and game developers predict the 360 will win this generation with the PS3 in a close second, personally I think sony will come in third, with its high price point, games don't look any better than 360 game (as of now all of the PS3 games look worse, and with quality titles like alan wake and mass effect coming out I don't see the PS3 matching that quality of visuals, even gears of war visuals.), 30% of Lives online etc... Plus there are major 3rd party developers that want sony to fail, i think Ubisoft is one of them.

Tut4452d ago

If third-party developers want Sony to fail then they wish for their own demise. Sony provides revenue no matter how you look at it.

I don't think anyone would be THAT stupid.

marcusfenix4452d ago

What gearhead is referring to is the article at IGn "the 10 reason why the PS3 won't win the nextgen wars". It clearly states several third party developers wish for the demise of Sony and the PS3. They can make up that money on the XBox 360 because its owners actually purchase games, actually 5 each to be exact when they purchase the console brand new, if you do that with the PS3 you would have to refinance your house.

Scrumptious4452d ago

How do you think the third party developers wil react to see the attach rate of less than 1 game per system with the Japanese launch? The developers already know 360 owners are hungry for quality software, and 360 software sales rival PS2, which has a significantly larger amount of owners. I read the other day that several titles have already sold over a million copies, with gears of War being the next!

InMyOpinion4452d ago

And the 360 is cheaper and easier to develop for, that's a major selling point for third party developers.

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power of Green 4452d ago

The Wii's for wemen and children the hype for the Wii will die 1-2 years after it launches. It's a joke.

PS360WII4452d ago

In fact really rather untrue. But you said it with ^^^^ in your title so I'm thinking it was a good old fashion joke. Wii is awesome! 360 I have with pleanty of games already for it! PS3 I'll get when one's finally made, and all is good ^.-
Oh as far as 360 winning this gen it was the first guy out the gates for a whole year. As the ps2 showed us that year difference is critical so I can see 360 having the most shares but again it's not going to be a massive lead. They'll all be a little close together

BIadestarX4452d ago (Edited 4452d ago )

This is bad news for Sony. Do you know why? Because companies don't like to lose money, investors don't like to lose money and game developers don't like to lose money. The sad part is that all these companies have 1 thing in common they all base their desicions on what research teams like "Merrill Lynch" say and not what some fanboy think on a game forum. Just remember most companies invensting into the PS3 are not gamers and the news that they will be able to play MGS will not make them happy.

Silver Bull3t4452d ago

.... lemme go get my asbestos body-suit,... I'll be right back!...