Blockbuster unveils download kiosk

Blockbuster Inc. unveiled a prototype of an in-store kiosk for downloading movies at its annual meeting on Wednesday, part of its plan to transform into more than just a DVD rental chain.

The sleek prototype kiosk unveiled Wednesday is just one way that Blockbuster is looking to deliver movies digitally. The design, which Keyes said is likely to change with testing, offers a range of features to help customers make movie choices, including previews and recommendations. Keyes said the company is working to reduce the download time for movies to about 30 seconds.

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kewlkat0075890d ago

refer to my Post..on this thread. I had a vision.

Kewlkat007 Comment #5 & #5.2

I knew Kiosks were on their way..

Kakkoii5890d ago

Yeah agree, This is a slap in the face to all those people who kept saying this kind of thing wouldn't happen.

But it was only common sense that it would.

This is one of those steps that leads to a mainly downloadable future for media instead of buying it as discs.

Captain Tuttle5890d ago (Edited 5890d ago )

I could see these things popping up in airports and stuff. It's a great idea.


PlayStation 5 PS3 Native Emulation Could Be Held Back by Important Technical Limitations

Due to the Cell processor that powered the system, PlayStation 3 emulation on the PlayStation 5 could be held back by important technical limitations

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TheNamelessOne10d ago

All that processor ever really served was to make game development harder for most people. It's the gift that keeps on giving.

Markdn8d ago

Your right, well up. Till the point they realised how to program it and then it became a monster, they way it off loads tasks to spus and they way it manages this is astounding, I wish they had just upgraded it for ps4 gave it more ram to its disposal as it would truely have been a monster, instead we got an under powered AMD chip and some of the guys here we very disappointed indeed. For a cost point of view it made PS4 more affordable but from a development point of view, we already had the development tools and software

yeahokwhatever8d ago

all that processor did was wipe the floor with its competition. like, badly.

TheNamelessOne8d ago

I remember most 3rd party titles being the runt of the litter when it came to ports that generation.

yeahokwhatever8d ago

EA made a few bad ports in the opening months of the release. compare 1st party titles. go ahead. do it. oh you cant. not even the same league.

Number1TailzFan9d ago

Ignore because they're good at tech/frame rate analysis? K..

1nsomniac8d ago

Ignore because they’re arguably widely recognised as one of, if not the best source in the industry… great logic. Well done.

fsfsxii8d ago

They offer surface level analysis, its like that Tv overlay that displays the framerate, they absolutely have 0 clue with anything development related, or anything behind the scenes, and more often than not, they’re a propaganda machine.

1nsomniac8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

The irony being they clearly do know and they continuously prove that they know.. Relentlessly. If these comments aren’t sarcasm then they’re a sure fire way to make yourself look a bit stupid.

Aggesan8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

I think they're among the best in the business when it comes to frame by frame analysis, but they often speak on topics where they're not more informed than any other interested and passionate amateur. Quite often it's painful watching their show when they state things like facts when they're in fact wrong, and knowing that most of their viewers will assume they're 100% correct about everything they say. I still enjoy them though, especially the retro stuff.

RaidenBlack8d ago

lol, one slightly -ve take from DF and bam! ~ " Ignore "

Huey_My_D_Long8d ago

For those who say DF doesn't know what they are doing...Gotta give us a hard example not a generalized statement.

TheEroica8d ago

Sony beggers raging at DF because Sony can't feed them enough remakes and old generation content to keep them happy. Yikes!

VariantAEC8d ago

DF... the same people convinced PS5 and Xbox Series consoles couldn't do raytracing? The same people who didn't consider PS4 Pro was running AC7 better than Xbox One X due to PS4 Pro's CPU rapid packed math feature while I was telling them to look into it? The same people that are still confused about the PS5's capabilities against XSX's despite all the information being handed to them on a silver platter by Mark Cerny which some smarter gamers with some programming experience have been telling them since the road to PS5 talk was done? Those people?

Yeah, I think I'll continue to pass on any superficial opinion-based observations they make about game developement, too.

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neomahi9d ago

Here they are using NATIVE again like they know what it means, they don't.

meganick8d ago

I’d like to see someone explain why you’re getting downvotes. You’re correct. If software is running on native (original) hardware, then it’s not being emulated. If it is being emulated, then it’s not running on native hardware. “Native emulation” seems to be a bit of an oxymoron.

VariantAEC7d ago

DF doesn't know what "native support" means... it doesn't seem like you know either. Native support can mean emulation, but meaning the original hardware is not required, but it also means no downloads. "Native support" means that nothing additional is required to run the software as intended. You can certainly call a software emulation layer on PS3 for PS1 games native support because it ran software from the disc needing absolutely nothing else to work properly. The PS1 hardware was not on PS3, but the games were still natively supported.

Xbox backward compatibility support is not native, no games run from discs without downloading a repackaged app to run. That is not native support and we all agree DF is blatently lying by suggesting it is.

All consoles run repackaged legacy games this gen, which is exactly why the PS3 is still the gold standard for backward compatibility on consoles to this very day. You would simply pop in any PS1/2 disc and they'd just run without needing anything else from anywhere. Apparently, the newer PS3's (no Emotion Engine) still ran the majority of PS2 games.

meganick7d ago


First off, you’re using a different term than me. I was talking about the use of the term “native emulation.” But you’re using the term “native support.” Maybe that’s the same thing. I’m not sure.
So from what I gather, “native emulation” means emulation that doesn’t require a download. In computer terminology, I’ve always thought of “native” as implying original hardware, or at least original components.

Eonjay9d ago

Would really love to play some Infamous and Resistance.

InUrFoxHole8d ago

I never understood the love for resistance... I found it the be mid at best. Infamous 2 was good. Would be great to play killzone again

TheNamelessOne8d ago

Outside of the third game, the series was definitely average.