Blockbuster unveils download kiosk

Blockbuster Inc. unveiled a prototype of an in-store kiosk for downloading movies at its annual meeting on Wednesday, part of its plan to transform into more than just a DVD rental chain.

The sleek prototype kiosk unveiled Wednesday is just one way that Blockbuster is looking to deliver movies digitally. The design, which Keyes said is likely to change with testing, offers a range of features to help customers make movie choices, including previews and recommendations. Keyes said the company is working to reduce the download time for movies to about 30 seconds.

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kewlkat0074767d ago

refer to my Post..on this thread. I had a vision.

Kewlkat007 Comment #5 & #5.2

I knew Kiosks were on their way..

Kakkoii4767d ago

Yeah agree, This is a slap in the face to all those people who kept saying this kind of thing wouldn't happen.

But it was only common sense that it would.

This is one of those steps that leads to a mainly downloadable future for media instead of buying it as discs.

Captain Tuttle4767d ago (Edited 4767d ago )

I could see these things popping up in airports and stuff. It's a great idea.