Entire MGS4 soundtrack on Youtube

Youtube member has managed to upload the entire Metal Gear Solid 4 sound track on youtube.

Below are the first two sound tracks.

theKiller5484d ago (Edited 5484d ago )

they try to spoil the sound in MGS4 before we get it, its dirty trick from the opposition party!

every body knows the soundtrack will rock in MGS4 so whats the point to listen to it now?

steck675484d ago

I agree with both of you. The soundtrack is a masterpiece, but in my book, even the soundtrack to the greatest game before it's out is a spoiler.

conjurdevil5484d ago (Edited 5484d ago )

I wanted the 2nd one in the soundtrack because I loveee it the guitar is soooo awesome I am not going to listen to all the songs right now I want to exprience them through the game because these two are already in the trailers so doesnt matter but 2nd track here is definately one of the best thanks to Harry-Gregson Williams!!!

Tetsuryu5484d ago (Edited 5484d ago )

Hmm, there's only about 20 tracks in that user's page. Oh well, It's better than nothing I suppose. Anyhow, awesome stuff. :)

jkhan5484d ago

What you mean there are more of this awesomeness?

Tetsuryu5484d ago (Edited 5484d ago )

That's only the first disc.

The complete soundtrack includes 47 tracks (2-Disc). :)

jkhan5484d ago (Edited 5484d ago )

Damn, I am impressed, I would be a lair if I say that I am turning into a MGS fanboy. The music is so good. I have never been touched by such an awesome game soundtrack since heavenly sword.

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