Register your PS3 nickname online even if you can't get a PS3

Sony announced that when the PS3 launches in the US on November 17, that day everyone will be able to register their usernames online at the PlayStation Store via your PC.

This way you'll be able to register your favorite username before either the PS3 is launched in your country or before you're able to get one, as stores are already canceling pre-orders due to lowered shipment numbers.

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big_tim4449d ago

Now I can register my Live name on the PS3 network for when I get one down the road!

GRUNT4449d ago

I'm getting a PS3 early Feb. :D

Ray J4449d ago (Edited 4449d ago )

does anybody know the exact time when this registration-system goes online? cause' i want to be the first to sign up ;)

kingboy4449d ago

no but soon sony would provide a link to us..i wanna be first online lol!

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The story is too old to be commented.