Xbox 360 Vs. PlayStation 3 – The Xbox Gamer Perspective

An Xbox gamer takes the plunge and buys a PlayStation 3... then has a look at whether the fanboy attacks directed at the competing consoles have any real truth behind them.

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GUNS N SWORDS5867d ago (Edited 5867d ago )

he says he likes 360's "interface, multiplatform games,controller, and Xbox 360’s Community Features" more.....truth huh..............ok

Hydrolex5867d ago

I have to admit that the PS3 is the better console. Why should I lie ?

GUNS N SWORDS5867d ago (Edited 5867d ago )

should I lie and say that xbox's games weren't good?

Maverick_5867d ago

lol both are good. Sony just needs to deliver one the 20 games I'm waiting for and all the online stuff. Even now its still a very good console though.

Microsft just came out fighting this generation and Spony knows it and it's making Sony try that much harder.

Seriously I'm waiting on about 20 games on the PS3 LOL... MGS4 being first.

morganfell5867d ago

i cannot agree with some of the premises noted by the author. he states the 360 has a better user interface. navigating the blades - and discount the fact the dpad is broken on the 360 controller - i have trouble finding things as they keep renaming them. there are fewer items to navigate on the 360. one can say that is easier. one can also say the amount of tweaks and setting possible on the ps3 make it a wonderful device for intermediate to advanced users.

the fact that two studios already stated that the limits of DVD9 forced games to be trimmed hardly makes bluray a tie with dvd9.

ps3 controller has been around. i like it but do not care for the shape of r2 and l2. i don't know what sony was thinking by curving those triggers back. fact. however as previously noted that 360 d pad is the worst. ps3 primary buttons are more responsive and more comfortable than 360's domed ones. 360 offset sticks feel more natural.

ps3 isn't a tie for cost with the 360. mp is a must have part of next gen games. not having it is like playing wii games with a joypad. that said by the time you add in 3 years of live service - and you should get 3 years of use from a console then the ps3 is cheaper.

BattleAxe5867d ago (Edited 5867d ago )

There are some good points in the article, but where I see the problem is with,

The Controller -

I can't stand the 360 controller. The playstation controller feels natural to me. I don't like the feel of the Xbox triggers and I don't like the left analogue stick up where the D-Pad should be.

The Community -

Home and in-game XMB will make the PS3 superior, but for the time being XBOX 360 gets the win on this one.

Hardware Reliability -

wasn't even mentioned, but we all know whats going on there (RRoD)(Scratched Discs)


with MGS4 taking up the entire disc and Killzone 2 which I think might take up an entire disc, I think that there will be a huge benefit to having games on blu-ray. As time goes on we will see Blu-ray games pull away from DVD games in terms of graphics and destructable environments.

InMyOpinion5867d ago

Maybe the PS3 fundamentalists should read the article before blindsiding it completely like you usually do. Try arguing instead of whining for a change...

He undermines his arguments very well.

stevenhiggster5867d ago (Edited 5867d ago )

Ummm... what did that tell us that we didn't all already know? And the Joypad bit is purely down to personal choice so that is a moot point. I personaly think the PS3 pad is perfect, just as it was before, and Sony were brave to realise that if something aint broke, don't fix it. And BTW to all haters of the new L2 and R2, there are trigger thingy's available, PSW (UK) magazine gave them away ages ago, and by god what a difference they make, I too once hated L2 and R2, but now I love them :-)

callahan095866d ago (Edited 5866d ago )

I agree with a lot of what he said, but there were 3 points where I think his fact or fiction decision is wrong.

He says that the Blu-Ray making games better is fiction. Well, he's wrong. It does make games better. First of all, Metal Gear Solid 4 is a massive game that takes up 50 Gigabytes. Without Blu-Ray, everything would be more compressed. That's not a big deal, most people wouldn't even notice it. But the proof is in Oblivion, which has much faster loading times and less frequent loading pauses when you're just walking through the world of Cyradil versus the 360 version. Why? Because of data duplication. The data for the game is stored multiple times on the disc, thanks to Blu-Ray, which actually enables the data to be read more efficiently despite the overall slower read-speed of the drive. The fact is there, the PS3 version of the game is better, and Blu-Ray coupled with a hard drive in every PS3 is the reason.

Playstation 3 user interface is not as a good as the 360s? Well, I disagree there, as well. It's not a fact. I like the PS3 interface better, that's my opinion. It isn't 2+2=4... there is room for disagreement, so it's not a fact. I think it's way more attractive and easier to navigate than the 360 dashboard.

And the "FACT" that PS3 has an archaic controller design? RUBBISH. I hadn't used a Playstation controller in close to 2 years when I got my PS3. I'd been using the Xbox 360 all the way. But since I got my PS3 in November, I must say I absolutely prefer the PS3 controller. Even after a couple years without using it, it immediately felt better to me when I started using it again. It's more comfortable for me. If anything, the controller design is a PREFERENCE, there is no fact. It's not archaic. Look, if you think that the positioning of the left thumbstick is wrong on the PS3 controller, then why isn't the positioning of the right thumbstick wrong? The argument is rubbish, plain and simple. You spend basically all of your time in all of the most popular 360 games (Gears of War, Call of Duty 4, Halo 3, basically all of them) with your thumb on the stick and your finger on the trigger. It's the exact same angle as you have your hand in when playing on the PS3 controller, only on the PS3 controller both hands are in that position. If it's not wrong for the right hand on 360, then it's not wrong for either hand on the PS3. This is just a pointless argument with no merit and I have no idea where people get that ridiculous idea. I like the PS3 controller better, you like the 360 controller better, neither one is archaic or objectively worse than the other.

lessthanmarcus5866d ago (Edited 5866d ago )

I play 360 when I have some friends over and we're playing Halo. Everything else, I use PS3. Just seems like a better system to me. And about the interface, I hate how 360's always locks up or takes forever.

EDIT: Good point about Hardware reliability. I took good care of my 360 elite, now that I sent it away for repairs I'm only hoping I don't get back some sh1tbox. But I had already purchased two 360s for times like these.

dantesparda5866d ago

Pkease read the article, its actually quite fair in my opinion. Especially if its coming from a 360 fanboy. Knocking it or the author just makes youse look unreasonable. But i do agree that some of the things he said as fact or fiction are not in fact, "fact or fiction" but rather opinions. But give the guy a break, he is trying to give an olive branch

thesummerofgeorge5866d ago (Edited 5866d ago )

He lost me when he said fiction in regard to blu-ray making gaming better. That is a very narrow minded view, if a game that could not be made on a dvd is made on blu-ray (i.e. MGS 4 ) I'd certainly say that makes for a better gaming experience. And to say that the 360 conroller being better was a matter of fact, bull... I hate the feel of the controller and am much more comfortable with the ps3 controller. It's a matter of opinion obviously.
Edit:Oh and also to completely leave out the RROD issue is asinine, it's probably the biggest complaint people collectively have about the system. He tried to hide his bias but he did not succeed in my opinion.

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Hydrolex5867d ago (Edited 5867d ago )

the guy says I'm an Xbox fan.

and the winner at the end is Xbox 360.

Eddie201015867d ago

The article basically says both systems are equal.

Three of the points PS3 won
Three of the points the Xbox 360 won
Three of the points were a tie

One dissagreement, the controller issue should have been a tie.

The PS3 controller buttons are more responsive and the Dpad works very well, the triggers could have been shaped better and the sticks are too close together for some, but if you were used to it on the PS2 than that should not be a big deal on the PS3.

The Xbox 360 controller has better triggers and the sticks being offset do make it slightly better for FPS's, but the Dpad is very bad and the buttons are less responsive and feel kinda odd.

They also didn't mention the relliability issues that the Xbox 360 has.

All in all I thought they were pretty fair on most issues, Much fairer than most Xbox sites are.

Mr_Bun5867d ago

I agree with the "fairness" of the article and with the comparison to the controllers being a tie. I think the controllers should be chalked up to personal preference with no clear winner.

VigorousApathy5867d ago (Edited 5867d ago )

An X-Box gamer examining the Playstation is like a McDonald's junkie investigating a five-star restaurant. And what is his conclusion? I'll give you a hint. It rhymes with Rouble Rheese Rurger Rule!

Bucky Sligo5867d ago

It an unbiased look at both consoles where at the end it's a tie.

VigorousApathy5866d ago

You're right. The article said it was unbiased. Damn, what was I thinking?

Bucky Sligo5866d ago (Edited 5866d ago )

Just read it before making assumptions. Looks like you are in need of some spoon feeding.
This is what it is saying:

- Xbox360 is much noisier than PS3
- Blu-Ray is making the games better
- The installs isn't a problem
- The on-line services are a tie.

Still biased?

VigorousApathy5866d ago (Edited 5866d ago )

Actually he said Blu-ray doesn't make the games better. Which is kind of the opposite.

He had to say the X-Box is technically noisier. He went on to say you don't notice it so it doesn't matter.

He insulted the Playstation controller design for being too long-lasting.

He said the graphics were the same. Even though the Playstation is a year newer, has more expensive components, and architecture painstakingly designed to work together. All in vain, since they could have used off-the-shelf parts stuck together in a box to get the same result a year earlier. But he called it a tie so he must be unbiased.

Then he divided the online aspect of the consoles into 3 separate sections and despite awarding one "tie" said the X-Box was better at at all three of them.

Then he said installs were okay because you can just pay for an HDD upgrade.

Bucky Sligo5866d ago

"He said the graphics were the same. Even though the Playstation is a year newer, has more expensive components, and architecture painstakingly designed to work together. All in vain, since they could have used off-the-shelf parts stuck together in a box to get the same result a year earlier. But he called it a tie so he must be unbiased. "
And what does that all help when the graphics generaly DOES LOOK THE SAME??? It's all clear now, you are one of those unfortunate souls that fell for the Sony cell hype and 4d speeches and no matter what happens, you will always believe what they said.

"He insulted the Playstation controller design for being too long-lasting."
Of which he is spot on. Does he need to praise every single PS3 element in order to be unbiased?

What you said:
"He had to say the X-Box is technically noisier. He went on to say you don't notice it so it doesn't matter."
What the article say:
"Yes, the Xbox 360 is noisy, and is a lot louder than the PlayStation 3."
"Depending on how loud your sound system is, you may be put off by the Xbox 360’s noise level (especially at night if family members are sleeping nearby), so PlayStation 3 wins out on that one"

Looks like you still didn't read the article. Anywho, I might as well be talking to the walls so whats the use.

Good day to you sir

VigorousApathy5865d ago

Words can be used subversively. The guy who wrote the article isn't exactly a master at it.

"Can you really notice any of this during normal gameplay? Depending on how loud your sound system is, you may be put off by the Xbox 360’s noise level (especially at night if family members are sleeping nearby.)"

What's he's done here is create a ridiculous scenario where family members sleep in the same room a video game is being played. We know they don't have paper doors in their house because Japanese people don't like the X-Box.

But he's not done in that parapgraph, he has a second opinion on how noisy the and "tied" the X-Box is, he says in that section "BluRay drive is much quieter by comparison but also loads games slightly slower."

If the article writer really believed the graphics looked better and that Blu-ray ties with DVD in performance and capability he wouldn't conclude them as a tie would he? He'd point out that those cost the consumer a lot more and delayed the console by an entire year.

And to me the longer the controller lasts the better it was designed in the first place. And I'm not impressed that this X-Box controller will have to be replaced the next generation for the third time in the past 7 years. I'm not convinced that this makes it better for being newer.

But that's just me. And I don't appreciate being told I haven't read that article by the guy who thought the article admitted Blu-ray makes games better when in fact the article says you can't tell if a game is a Blu-ray or a DVD and that Blu-ray is slower also.

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Hydrolex5867d ago

that makes SOFTWARES !

PS3 comes from a company that makes hardwares and electronics.

That's why Xbox 360 hardware failure is +33%.