Shiness: A New-Gen JRPG Coming To PC, PS4

Shiness is the definitive JRPG gamers have been waiting for. Too long have we sat around looking at one game after another bumble and stumble onto the market while offering very little in the way of innovation and even less in the way of feeling like an authentic, heart-felt work of passion from the developers

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randomass1713718d ago

Same here! This game looks very slick. :)

3-4-53718d ago

That Battle System + Art Style = appealing

MightyNoX3718d ago

Glad it's coming to PS4. Will back this project.

GamingSinceThe80s3718d ago

They need 100k to get it made at all and 140k to bring it to PS4.They are at about 65k now but it's been slow going since day 2.But with like 20 plus day's left they should make that goal.I will likely get onboard in the final day's maybe there are more like me waiting it out first.

MightyNoX3718d ago

Yeah, I've seen people wait until a certain stretch goal has been reached. Still backing this because I like the devs and their vision.

DivineAssault 3718d ago

veeeeeery interesting... I like it!

Evilsnuggle3718d ago

Looks very interesting to me also be

Blackcanary3718d ago

Time to go on to kick starter lets help make this game come out on the PS4.

randomass1713718d ago

If I can, I'd like to donate as well. This game looks really nice. :)

LightofDarkness3718d ago

Not quite into the all-anthropomorphic animal cast, but we shall see.

randomass1713718d ago

Not quite. Some of the characters have more human like features than animal ones.

Lionalliance3718d ago

As oppose to too much human character in recent JRPGS now, needs more variety once in a while

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