Possible Stranglehold Sequel?

Stranglehold Executive Producer produces positive ponder

Stanglehold was one of last years gems for the PlayStation 3. Despite its delays, Brian Eddy the executive producer for the game called it a game of many firsts. Eddy reminded us that Stranglehold was first Unreal Engine 3 game on the PS3, even beating the engines developers (Epic Games) to task.

The post-mortem held at DePaul University in Chicago by the International Gamer Developers Association, was an interesting look at the good and the bad of the games development.

But the Tequila Bomb occurred when asked if a sequel was possible or other John Woo/Tiger Hill games where on the horizon, Mr. Eddy replied, "All I can say is, there could absolutely be a possibility of that.", the audience replied with a unified chuckle.

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Silogon4700d ago

It was strange that we never saw a ps3 vs xbox 360 comparison for this game. Maybe that's because it was too similar to one another i ahve noticed gametrailers doesn't like to do them then.

Breakfast4700d ago

No Game Trailers comparison...? It must have looked better on the ps3 then.

pharmd4700d ago

haha, yeah.... i really liked this game, id buy the sequel, too bad the online sucked they'd have to improve that

morganfell4700d ago

i was running this game last night. i had it since launch and was looking for some good old fashioned violence and started playing it. it shocked me i had forgotten how good this title was.

barom4700d ago

yea the game was definitately fun.

I really liked the first stage (the one in the demo). The last wasn't so bad either. Or actually the one in the mansion was pretty cool too. But I was a bit disappointed that a lot of times they would just let you in a room and spawn a bunch of guys to kill. Maybe now that they sold pretty well (at one point I heard one million excluding PS3 numbers as it was delayed) they may be able to put in more resources

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Angelitos4700d ago

They better make Strangehold 2 a PS3 exclsuve, or again I will be dissapointed if its limited to the 360.

Silogon4700d ago

It's strange how this gen is working out. Ps3 has more processing power and more storage space to use for the devs to take advantage of but they're not doing it. It's odd that if it's there to use why not use it or find a way to?

deeznuts4700d ago

Four words.

least common dee nominator.


DarkArcani4700d ago

About enjoyment? I think it is. So what does that have to do with your "I think the _____ console is better" comment?

Sheesh, just play the games you like and stop trying to downplay the things others like.

Wayne Brady4700d ago

Wayne Brady didnt like the first Stranglehold and Wayne Brady doesnt think he will like a second one!

Willio4700d ago

oh man you are awesome, that was original.

pwnmaster30004700d ago

they need to make it a ps3 exclusive the 360 will hold it back like every other multi. imean just imagine more items and enemy on the screens, better destructable enviroment, better graphics, shiit better every thing

ps3 exclusive= aaa
360 exclusive= flop
multi= average

you kno it xbots dont deny it

shine13964700d ago

I remember seeing comparisons for this...maybe eurogamer...

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