Wii boosts Nintendo shares through the roof

As DS continues to sell well, shares in Nintendo have hit an all-time high ahead of the launch of its innovative new console Wii.
Shares in the platform holder have hit Y26,770 (around £120), as anticipation continues to rise ahead of the console's launch. The shares have soared 88 per cent since the start of calendar year 2006.

The latest news will come as a boost to Nintendo (and indeed its investors) as the company prepares to launch Wii in the US on November 19th, Japan on December 2nd and Europe on December 8th.

With a recently announced an increase in its global marketing spend, bringing the total figure up to £105.1 million, Nintendo seems to be building up a head of steam just as the peak Christmas season at retail starts to really kick off.

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Sphinx4447d ago

bought a bunch of shares of Nintendo.

ThomasDaGamer4446d ago

That means if you bought about 14 shares of nintendo in January, and sold them now, you could get all 3 systems! If only I knew that earlier...

Nice to hear nintendo's doing well though.