GTA IV: first details emerge

Halo 3 aside, the undoubted star of Microsoft's conference at this year's E3 was the bombshell GTA IV announcement, in which the Redmond giant boldly proclaimed that the next GTA will not only be on 360 from day one, but that it would feature ongoing episodic content delivered over Xbox Live.

It was not only a great coup, but gave Peter Moore a chance to add to his impressive tattoo collection, but of course such an announcement could only leave us panting for more and the shutters came down swiftly as they'd risen.

Well first solid details have trickled through this morning via an IMDBlisting for the game, with Rockstar President Dan Houser and GTA and Manhunt vet James Worrall being named as the principle writers.

Also rather strangely listed on IMDB as 'crew' are Lazlow Jones, who wrote for GTA III and Vice City and starred as voice talent for Liberty City Stories and San Andreas. The final entry is writer Navid Khonsari who starred as the Porn Host in Max Payne 2 and has voice credits on all the GTA series as well as Manhunt.

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OutLaw6378d ago

I do look forward to GTA. But I have to say I'm more pumped about Saints Row. Especially that it's exclusive.

Jay da 2KBalla6378d ago

Saints Row is a sweet game and I cant wait for it and all its exclusiveness as well but GTA is GTA and it is going to be tight ass hell especially with the exclusive content.

Schmitty076378d ago

I have never owned a GTA game in my life, and when I try it out over friend's houses, I can't understand why everyone likes it so much.

Grown Folks Talk6378d ago

i've tried them as well. boring and repetative like star wars battlefront to me. same thing over and over in different environments.

speed6378d ago

I've played every GTA, they are GREAT! Its not a game you can play for 15 minutes and be hooked. Give it a chance, after about 2 hrs of gameplay you will be completely hooked. San Andreas was a freakin' masterpiece.

PS360PCROCKS6378d ago

Their rediculous, lol theirs so many things you can do without having to follow a storyline, it's frickin cool. I just love firing it up to drive around and kill as many people as possible than book it from the cops, nothing like running from swat, oh and if u have the code, nothing like booking it in a big as* tank from the swat and cops.

Gamer136378d ago

You can do alot of stufff in GTA games rob banks fly helicopters even plane and even fighter jets tanks etc.

Can,t wait for this 1. but it won,t be out in about 1 year and 5 months.