Insider: Best Watch Dogs Console Experience Is On PS4; Trend Is Here To Stay

Insider states that Watch Dogs will be enjoyed best on PS4 as far as consoles go, and this trend of PS4 versions being better is here to stay.

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DVS-Zev3059d ago

Well i think we can all pretty much guess that.The question is how MUCH better will it be.I'd love for the 60fps rumor to be true but i don't think it will be.

PS4 1080/30FPS
X1 720(792?)/30FPS

Would be my guess.

ats19923059d ago

Im pretty sure it will be

PS4 1080p/30fps
XB1 900p/30fps

Eonjay3059d ago

Okay I will throw my vote in the ring:

PS4: 1080p 60 unlocked
XB1: 960p 30 locked
PC: Whatever your rig can handle and only what it can handle.

blitz06233059d ago

Hard to imagine this game running at 1080/60, unless it's unlocked. If inFamous wasn't able to hit a stable 60, then unless they really downgraded this game's graphics, I expect it to be 1080/30

BitbyDeath3059d ago

PS4: 1080p, 60fps unlocked
Xbone: 900p, 30fps unlocked

DevilOgreFish3059d ago (Edited 3059d ago )

lol at ps4 claiming 1080p 60 fps, yeah after they cut it back to ps3/360 graphics.

the original game was built on a freaking core I7, and a GTX 680 ruining at 30 fps.....the ps4 can't do GTX 680 graphics at 1080p 60fps, not if the console uses a mid range 7 series gpu.

some people are living in a dreamland over here on this site.

itBourne3059d ago

You can't really directly compare console power to pc power. It depends at how well a game is optimized. That being said, I think ps4 will be 30fps though lol.

frostypants3059d ago

@DevilOgreFish, the i7 CPU means jack.

Geekman3059d ago (Edited 3059d ago )

@Eonjay, all versions are 30fps. Was waiting for someone to say otherwise.

Cyanide853059d ago

@DevilOgreFish u cannot compare console and PC power as stated by others before me, the PC has to do so many other things besides running the game at the same time. U don't have that on a console, and no I'm not saying that the consoles are more powerful than a PC I'm saying that u cannot compare the two.

okmrman3059d ago

this game will never be 1080 60fps on any console
mark my words

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elsuperamigo3059d ago ShowReplies(7)
Magicite3059d ago

parity is gone and we can finally enjoy superior versions of multiplats.

HaydenJameSmith3059d ago (Edited 3059d ago )

So Im sharing the same core experience of the game with you on your PS4 while im on my X1 and you think cause you'll have a little bit higher res your getting the better(superior) experience... right...

Well I'll be enjoying it just as much on my X1 as I would on a PS4.

Well if I really cared about getting the best looking version I'd get it on my PC but the best experience is whatever platform you want to play it on... the core experience is what matters not how it looks on each platform... graphics serve aesthetics not the other way round mate. Im not saying the X1 is the better experience or version but neither is the PS4, there the same and are a matter of opinion.

Utalkin2me3059d ago

Well sure you will be enjoying it on your Xbox1. But people with a PS4 will be enjoying the better version of the two.

creatchee3059d ago


"But people with a PS4 will be enjoying the better version of the two."

So the goal isn't to enjoy the best possible version of the game, but rather to have a talking point against your rival console, all the while being bested by the PC version. Okay then.

MysticStrummer3059d ago

@smith & creatchee - Did you guys say the same last gen, when the differences were smaller but most multi plats were declared superior on 360?

Mastadope423059d ago


No one is comparing the PC version. Just as long as the Xbone version is behind the PS4 version than everything is right in the world :)

creatchee3059d ago


No, for three reasons.

1. I owned a 360, PS3, and Wii last generation.

2. Differences in multiplatform games are talking points for fanboys. Unless one of them is completely broken, they're the same game. THE. SAME. GAME.

3. The games that are constantly brought up from last gen as being how awful 360 fanboys persecuted PS3 fans (Mafia, Skyrim, The Orange Box, and Bayonetta) were products of bad porting. They do nothing to justify or deny the power of one console or another, and rather can simply be seen as poor work from a software aspect.

iistuii3059d ago

The best version ? Is that the version with the higher resolution & framerate ? Well if that's all you care about it's a gaming PC you'll be playing it on.

Bdub20003059d ago

"parity is gone"? As if that were ever a real issue we've all had to endure for countless years... And" finally enjoy multiplats"... To which games are you even referring? Have we had to waste away playing countless hours of inferior gaming until Watch Dogs releases?

Although I do love the multiple agrees you got, just proves how many mindless people are trolling around here.

Why o why3059d ago

iistuii says

I'm lucky enough to have both consoles set up together, and if your seriously trying to tell me the ps3 version doesn't suffer from bad framerate and terrible tearing or rippling effects, your either blind or just want to try and defend your console, (sad really). Just as Gta and 99% of all mutlti-format games the 360 is streets ahead.As i say i dont give a toss which console is gonna win this or that, its just as plain as the nose on your face. The video they used was wrong but im telling yo... #39'
2192d ago by iistuii | View comment

Well it seems you wasn't talking all that 'get it on pc' type talk back predictable. Seems people love to change their tunes when the shoe is on the other foot. Baring a few dudds, multies played the same on both. There are few instaces this gen like extra tech features on metal gear that the ps4 has over the x1 on top of res and framerate.

Enjoy your games but please don't scream morality or run to the pc to downplay the ps4's current superiority.

madpuppy3059d ago


And to think, guys like you were the clowns that thought when the 360 had ten more lines of resolution than the PS3 you were hooting like a murder of crows about the superiority of the 360...funny how things change when you have the weakest of the two next gen consoles.

liquidhalos3059d ago

"dmitrijs88 + 12h ago
parity is gone and we can finally enjoy superior versions of multiplats."

I will not feed this troll

iistuii3059d ago

@Why o why
Yep I said that & guess what I was right. And yeah I had enough of the jaggies & tearing & bad frame rates that's why I built a gaming PC. As for slagging of the PS4 I think if you look I'll take a wild guess & say I've played & completed more games on it than most people who come on here raging. Your free to take a look.

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Future_20153059d ago

What about the Atari 2600?

die_fiend3059d ago

What's this all about then?

Sorry if you're butthurt but dems da facts. Xbox will be inferior forever, we're like 6 months in at this point

Automatic793059d ago (Edited 3059d ago )

Wait, are the same insiders getting booted off neogaf for spreading wrong information. Lmao fan boys need to take off the glasses and enjoying gaming and not get caught up with insiders stirring up flame bait articles for hits.

osprey193059d ago

Ubisoft haven't confirmed the resolution or frame rate yet, regardless of what Sony says.
personally i find lighting, shading, aesthetics and the quality of the game engine far more important than resolution.

Rodney253059d ago

Well It's already been stated that the X1 version is 1080p maybe that explains how the 4 can hit 1080p and 60fps.

BigDaddyCool3059d ago

I feel so bad for X1 players having to play their games in 720p...damn that must suck

liquidhalos3059d ago

I dont feel sorry for them at all. Im willing to bet that X1 gamers are going to enjoy the game just as much as us PS4 gamers regardless of resolution or FPS. Heck i have a sneaky suspicion that they will do what the game intends and have FUN. Which is what you should be doing instead of shedding pity for people over an unreliable insiders stab in the dark

Dynasty20213059d ago (Edited 3059d ago )

60 FPS will be reached, not maintained. They say it will run at 60 FPS, yeah, maybe indoors in a simple cut-scene. Head outside and, just like Infamous, watch those figures almost halve.

It's just false advertising, proven by EVERY console game out so far this generation that isn't an indie game.

As always, PC is the best version though.

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Rimgal3059d ago

No sh%t.

Do we need insiders to state the obvious now?

Flutterby3059d ago

You are so grumpy all the time.

Rimgal3059d ago

I got neutered recently. I bet you would be grumpy too, if that happened to you.

wonderfulmonkeyman3059d ago

I heard you tried having fun once.
Must have sucked...

LOL_WUT3059d ago (Edited 3059d ago )

So much for playing this with the gamepad and calling it the best experience ;)

TheTwelve3059d ago

Yes. Yes we do need people to keep stating the obvious around here.

jessupj3059d ago (Edited 3059d ago )

I know that's a rhetorical question and I completely agree with you, but those 16 disagrees you got for that comment say otherwise.

The PS4 is more powerful and will continue to get superior multiplats for the rest of the generation. That is fact. Not amount of disagreeing is going to change that.

If people don't accept that now it's going to be a very long generation for them.

In the mean time media outlets are going to keep telling us what we already know and continue to rake the money in from the hits.

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ats19923059d ago (Edited 3059d ago )

Will be enjoyed best on ps4? Thats a matter of opinion. But yes ps4 will continue to have the best version of multi plats.

TheUltimateGamer3059d ago

I agree. I prefer most things on th X1 at the moment but that's mostly for the online experience and my controller preference. PS4 is obviously more powerful but it's really a matter of what you value in gaming. Personally, I'll take slightly 'dumbed down' graphics if it's a better all round experience.

This game specifically I can imagine enjoying much more in the PS4 because it doesn't have a heavy online dependency.. Guess we'll see, either way.. Can't wait!

Flutterby3059d ago

Hmmmm people still thinking xbox live is the better service , is this 2006 ?

matrixman923059d ago

this guy gets its. Play what you want and enjoy your time

You dont get it

malokevi3059d ago

That's my thinking exactly. I'll go X1 version just for controller, online infrastructure without maintenance times, and having my library consolidated on the console I use more. Plus I like the voice switching.

I'll take a slightly lower resolution for those things. Just a matter of preference.

Utalkin2me3059d ago (Edited 3059d ago )


You think the maintenance that Sony does, doesn't allow you to play online? Some people are really clueless.

I will play the better version of the 2 with better graphics and better framerate and exclusive content.

Boody-Bandit3059d ago (Edited 3059d ago )

"You don't get it"

What doesn't flutterby get?
Care to explain?

kingPoS3059d ago

Someone who's not afraid to state his/her preference.

Good job!

I'll get it on PS3, as I don't own a next gen console yet.

Gateway MT6706 2008

matrixman923059d ago


That people seem to know what's best for other people and try to name a definitive version for something. People can't seem to just do what they enjoy. If he thinks xbl is better, then cool. Don't let all the dumb sony fanboys on this site put him down. Thank god I own xbone, ps4, and PC so i can make all my own decisions and not have to be told like a sheep

souga_houjou_jin3059d ago

dude we r not in 2006 time to wake up from your coma

live is a pile of crap
plus is better and ofc cheaper 2014 say hi to ya

UnHoly_One3058d ago

I'm the same way, UltimateGamer. I just prefer the Xbox experience over the Playstation brand. I own both, but I can't bring myself to play anything on a PS console unless I don't have the choice of having it on Xbox at all. Hell, just this past week I bought I Bound by Flame on the 360 rather than the PS4 for that very reason.

Same as you, the controller preference is the biggest driving factor. I also love my achievements, so I can't see passing up on achievements to switch to the PS4 version of a multiplat. I just love my whole "identity" and the community on Xbox. I've been a gold member since day one of Xbox Live, 11/15/2002. I have friends on Xbox Live that have been on my list for nearly that whole time, people I've since met in person and are genuine friends of mine, not just names on a list.

Malokevi, you bring up another huge point, as well, and that is the appeal of having the majority of my games on the same console. And since I am 100% digital, I can switch to and from anything with just a voice command if I want. Or I can be playing Watch Dogs and get a Titanfall invite and a simple "Xbox launch" gets me into my friend's party and game. If I play something on PS4 I give all of that up, and I have no desire to do that. I love all of that integration too much to voluntarily separate myself from it.

So yeah, FOR ME, the "best" experience is always going to be on Xbox. I don't care if you have a few more p's, I'm fine with that. I won't know the difference anyway unless I see them side by side, which won't ever happen.

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MasterCornholio3059d ago (Edited 3059d ago )

Doesn't PS4 have exclusive content?

So not only will it be superior technically but it will offer more content as well. I dont see how the Xbox One version will be Bette though. However if you have a good PC it's best fl get it on that platform.


Strangely I never had problems with PSN only Xbox Live when it comes to lag. And that was with my 3MB connection which i upgraded to 100MB.

madpuppy3059d ago

Of course you cannot enjoy it "Best" on the PS4 if you don't own one.

The Xbone owners will have to enjoy it "second best" on consoles.


fluffydelusions3059d ago

This is no surprise. PS4 has better hw. Not sure why we need an article for every game stating the PS4 version will be better now. It's common sense at this point.