IGN: Making Sense of Metal Gear Solid

Feeling lost? Confused? Adrift? Don't panic. IGN is here to help with a brief rundown of the entire Metal Gear Solid series, from start to finish.

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Time Lord5483d ago

I wonder what this will get?

Breakfast5483d ago

Seeing as 10 is the highest you can go....i think maybe a 5 :)

Timesplitter145483d ago (Edited 5483d ago )

@ Breakfast...

I curse you and your descendance for 7 generations as you shall lose unspeakable amounts of bubbles and gain enough disagrees to pile them up and reach the angry gods in their heavenly kingdom so you can receive their furious punishment. Your fall will lead you to the fiery plains of Hell where you shall live for the rest of your life, regretting this very comment.

That is all.

PLiPhaze5483d ago (Edited 5483d ago )

I think Timesplitter14 pretty much covered all I was going to say....

sonarus5483d ago

hahaha breakfast and his descendants just got owned

Acidicpack5483d ago (Edited 5483d ago )

all the mags and gaming sights that are going to have to review MGS4 will have to redo there rating system cause the MGS4 story line is going to be worth a 20!!!! woooooot.

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5483d ago
AlterEgo5483d ago

not me lmao

its from TUS

i'm just as mad as you are


Nitrowolf25483d ago

dam him to he11
he should have gotten the collecter edition

lucky him

mazirjones5483d ago

Worth it for this game, but hopefully we'll soon see an end to this trend...yeah you know it, i'm a poet

tweaker5483d ago (Edited 5483d ago )

Damn that lucky guy. Looks like he works at a game store. Not even George Bush can get a copy that early. :(

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bloomerist5483d ago

pretty poor explanation of the plot thus far

Captain Tuttle5483d ago

I'm not a Metal Gear fan...I don't know anything about the series. Probably my loss. But I got nothing from that article.

LastDance5483d ago

I think he was trying to keep it as simple as he could

pwnsause5483d ago

AlterEgo, thanks for showing us the box, 1080p confirmed! we just dont know if its native 1080p, possibly upscaled

LenHart5483d ago

It doesnt matter

You are talking about the biggest game of 2008 --MGS4

pwnsause5483d ago

i know, but its a good thing though for those 1080p owners

Timesplitter145483d ago (Edited 5483d ago )

Wrong. We are talking about the biggest game. Period.

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