Of Monoliths and Mecha: Why I’m Excited for X and Why You Should be Too

There’s plenty to be excited about with Monolith Soft’s X. We might not have all the details yet, but what we've seen thus far looks very promising and hopefully Nintendo showcases more of the game this year at E3.

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Activemessiah2533d ago

Does anyone know who owns the Xenogears rights? If it's Monolith then I'd definitely hope for a remake someday.

randomass1712532d ago

Maybe it's not so bad. Bravely Default's success might be a sign of things to come! :)

Madock2533d ago

It doesn't matter, the people working in Monolith today are the ones who crated Chrono-trigger and co founded Final Fantasy, those ppl r more than capable of producing new games hat far surpasses Final Fantasy

randomass1712532d ago

With the right time and funding, they could do just about anything at this point. And since Xenoblade was so successful, there's no reason for Nintendo not to let them.

R00bot2533d ago

Of all the games we'll be seeing at E3, this and Zelda are at the top of my must have list. This just looks so good, and if it's anything like Xenoblade then it will be.

What happens if this is better than Xenoblade? Will the sites that gave Xenoblade 10/10 give this 11/10?

Activemessiah2533d ago

Gamespot will give it 6/10.

Metallox2533d ago

That's nothing. Quarter to Three will give three stars out of five, which in his language is "I liked it", but in Metacritic is a beautiful 60. I can see it.

randomass1712532d ago

Only if there are no X ads on the Gamespot website.

N4g_null2533d ago

I don't think a review score is needed. It's nintendo 1st party now. Retro has some serious competition. Only thing that could beat this is a quake unreal tournament metroid hybrid..... where samus is a badass once more. Or a starfox that requires skill or an f zero with a mad max story for those who can't possibly beat the normal game.

ZeekQuattro2533d ago

After the what happened with the Xenoblade Chronicles debacle I'll be sure to preorder this game as soon as its available.

wonderfulmonkeyman2533d ago

If it's even half as glorious in story and depth of both combat and quests as Xenoblade Chronicles was, then I wouldn't even mind if the game turns out to be single-player.

It was a must-have from the get-go, for me. The trailers for it still send chills down my spine...

R00bot2533d ago

I'm just glad that you'll be able to download this one digitally. That way they can never run out of digital copies. I'll probs be downloading it just because I know I'll be coming back to it years from now, and I won't wanna change disks.

ZeekQuattro2533d ago

Didn't think of that. If push comes to shove I'll just download it though I'm a sucker for actually owning something tangible if I can help it.

thehobbyist2533d ago

Wii U can use 25GB and dual-layered 50GB disks. No game has breached 10GB yet. Wouldn't worry about disc switching.

R00bot2533d ago

What I meant was switching between this game and other games. Wasn't saying that the game would need multiple disks. Although, I expect it will be one of the larger Wii U games.

BattleN2533d ago (Edited 2533d ago )

4 disk filled to the brim with content 200gig's worth would be crazy right haha! Had a flashback to multi disk days sorry!

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MNGamer-N2533d ago

I'd pay 80 dollars for this game.

BattleN2533d ago (Edited 2533d ago )

Playing Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen atm, which is a Monster Hunter hybrid of sorts, and I must say that X on Wii U looks awesome enough to satisfy my open world RPG craving's.

Gemmol2533d ago

I would pay 90 just for standard edition, now for special edition most I would drop is 140 any higher, and no deal

randomass1712532d ago

Heck, I'd go the full 100 if I had to lol. That'd be a lot of saving up though...

Paolo112533d ago

This is actually the game I've been waiting for at E3.

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