Ports From Windows 8 To Xbox One Take Just "A Day Or Two"

Boyd Multerer, the "creator" of Xbox One, said that games are being ported from Windows 8 (DirectX) to Xbox One in just a day or two.

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chrcharcor23699d ago

Not a big PC gamer, but that's interesting news for the Xbox One users.

christocolus3699d ago

It is interesting indeed, could open up amazing possibilities. It would also help devs save a lot of time and resources

HaydenJameSmith3698d ago (Edited 3698d ago )

I agree. DX12 as a unified API and Windows 8 as a unified OS for Devs could mean a lot. Cant wait to see the results.

randomass1713698d ago

That is incredibly impressive port time. It's like releasing on two platforms for the price of one.

mikeslemonade3698d ago

This doesn't mean anything. They are porting over optimized PC specs for Console specs. If you compare the specs directly the console is even more inferior. They need to be ported and then optimized on the consoles.

Freedomland3698d ago


Basically he is not talking about DX12 but talking about games which are being written for windows 8.

DragonKnight3698d ago

This actually means literally nothing. Just because a game is made for Windows 8 doesn't mean that porting it to the Xbox One is going to mean anything significant. All it means is the OS' are compatible and OS specific problems are eliminated because of that.

Won't mean that the quality between versions will be the same, won't necessarily mean you'll be getting PC games on the Xbox One, won't mean a performance benefit of any kind, all it literally means is that they don't have to go through the hoops of porting from a different OS to another. At the very most all you can expect is the slight efficiency boost that comes with compatibility.

Sitdown3698d ago

@DragonNight and Mikeslemonade
Why are you all trying to create an argument?...or feel the need to knock the news? Nobody in this particular string even suggested that it meant those things... And should you have read the article, you would have seen that.

DragonKnight3698d ago

@Sitdown: Who's trying to make an argument? I simply stated a fact. Are you going to provide evidence that porting from the same OS to the same OS is going to mean the XB1 will have PC performance levels or pretty much any benefit other than a modest efficiency boost?

The only people who would start an argument about this are certain individuals who don't live in reality and see everything Xbox related through rose colored glasses.

christocolus3698d ago

@dragonknight and mikesl

You guys are funny, always quick to downplay anything xbox. How can this not be a good thing?if sony announced the same thing, you wouldnt be downplaying it now would you? If this is true it would be really impressive..for both indie and aa pc ports..it would help devs save resources and gamers will enjoy the benefits so i really dont know how you guys can still try to put this down. If you dont like it then move on instead of saying crap like this

"This actually means literally nothing. Just because a game is made for Windows 8 doesn't mean that porting it to the Xbox One is going to mean anything significant."

you havent used it either? You cant just jump in here calling it nothing.i doubt you were ever interested in the xbox in the first place.so your comments aint surprising.

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Funantic13698d ago

Yeah I'd like to get my hands on the upcoming Unreal Tournament that's releasing on PC only. That would be real nice on the X1.

3698d ago
ATi_Elite3698d ago

Windows 8 Sucks, I just had to throw that out there.

Once again we have Microsoft hyping up some feature of the XBOXone but how does this benefit actual XB1 owners is beyond me.

Port from PC to XB1 in 48 hours is SO SWEET! Too bad most PC Game devs do NOT want to fool with the XB1 because of MS policies.

Nice feature but it isn't gonna translate into a ton of PC Exclusives hitting the XB1.

SO basically you can program a game on a PC using DX12 and port it to the XB1 in two days AND then optimize it to run at 720p 30 fps because of the XB1 WEAK gpu.

Save yourself a lot of dev time versus the xb360. Hopefully this is better served the OTHER WAY AROUND.

Port XB1 games to the PC in less than 48hrs is where the REAL MONEY IS AT.

Alan Wake 2 PC will outsell XB1 version GUARANTEED!

n4rc3698d ago

What policies?

Unless you are part of id@xbox, I'm not aware of anything devs would be wary of.. Even then, now you can release your Xbox port along side your PC version for next to nothing.. Pretty huge upside there

And windows 8 is better then windows 7.. People just hate the ui but performance wise I find it much faster and insanely stable.. But I ha e to admit that ui is a bit hard to swallow lol

Belasco3698d ago

So what I take from your rant is this: I am asceered that this might mean more PC/XB1 exclusives.

Salooh3698d ago (Edited 3698d ago )

Don't know about the performance of Windows 8 but the UI is ugly as hell , it's annoying. Really not kool. I had some problems running old games but otherwise i heard all the new games work on it.

However , this awesome news if developers do develop on windows 8.

Legacy2123698d ago

My eyes!They burn! Too much nonesense and fan boyism in one post to handle!

Legacy2123698d ago

My eyes! They burn! Too much nonesense and fanboyism in one post for them to handle

ATi_Elite3698d ago (Edited 3698d ago )

@ Belasco

True more XB1/PC Exclusives. Best way for MS to make money and keep things away from PS4.

So many disagrees at the truth.

1. Win8 sucks = TRUTH
2. XB1 features that have yet to produce anything meaningful = TRUTH
3. Alan Wake PC outsold Alan Wake X360 "Remedy says Alan Wake has crossed 2 million sales on PC" = TRUTH
4. Most PC Devs hate MS XB1 policies = TRUTH
5. Got disagrees for telling the TRUTH = TRUTH

Gazondaily3698d ago

What happened to you? You used to be cool p_p

Also...Win8 aint all that bad.

christocolus3698d ago

@Ati elite

All those things you said and listed above are only truths to you and you alone.. What's gone into you?

-Alan wake pc sold higher than xbox 360 version (wth)
-Windows 8 sucks (your opinion)
-Most devs hate windows 8(may be in your little world)
-Xbx features that have yet to produce anything( really)hating on something as cool as this too?
-Disagree cos I'm right (lmao... yeah right) people disagree with you cos your spilling out nonsense and ranting like a fanboy.

Muadiib3698d ago

Win 8 ui sucks for sure, the backend is pretty state of the art though. I'm gonna wait for win 9 though which will hopefully have the best of both worlds.

ATi_Elite3698d ago (Edited 3698d ago )

alan wakePC over two million units sold
alan wake x360 1.6m

Windows 8 has features that can lock it down like an Apple computer thus forcing Indie devs to pay MORE for access not to mention MS charges Devs/pubs for updates and server acces and Gabe Newell even addressed these issue.

Azure, TEH clouds, DX12, what other XB1 feature has been touted but has YET to be implemented into a game?

Playstation 4 has already implemented several key features into it's games meanwhile all MS has done is TALK about them.

It's not about being a fanboy, it's about LESS talk and more hard evidence.

People shelled out $500 for what? TALK or Actual Games?

How long have WE all been laughing at "TEH CLOUDZ"? Still no real implementation, only MINOR use in Titanfall, so minor that most Indie PC MMO games already do these things.

n4rc3698d ago

You can Google whatever you want. If you choose to only click on n4g links then that's your fault Lol.. Or maybe the idiot blogs that had a headline that suits your argument

Most of the crap you wrote is flat out wrong... And for someone that wants less talk.. Why'd you make all these rants yet not include any actual reasoning for your opinions? (which you claim are facts)

AndrewLB3698d ago

You have absolutely no clue regarding game development. You always want to "port down" because it's easy to lower the quality of textures for consoles by running them through a simple filter.

How do you propose you "port up" from Xbone to PC? It's kinda tough to increase the quality of already inferior texture files without having to completely re-make all the textures.

The last 8 years PC owners had to endure lazy developers porting many games up to PC and it really sucked.

Alexious3698d ago

I admit I'd really like to see Sunset Overdrive on PC, that may save me 500 blings!

DAS6923698d ago

To all that disagree above... Windows 8 is the worst OS that I have ever touched. Aside from UI issues, there are an EXTENSIVE amount if driver issues and bugs that MS -- as usual -- are ignoring. I dumped Windows back whenvista was released and moved on to greener pastures (Linux) and when Windows 8 was released I decided to see how Windows 7 had fared since my departure from MS's famous OS. To my surprise, I was very impressed. The OS ran smoothly and had very little to no driver issues. Windows 8 -- on the other hand was absolutely HORRID -- as if the UI hadn't done enough damage, the thing that Windows users always boasted about (gaming) had been severely affected by the OS. Video card drivers were shot, and the "App Store" was (and still is) EMPTY. Just had to put that out there... Windows 8 = THAT BAD.

tee_bag2423698d ago (Edited 3698d ago )

I'm with ATI on this one. Windows 8 is rubbish. Trying to lock people out from hardware they own.
Geez... so many of you argue with him and have no clue what you're saying. It's very sad considering how it drastically affects the future of PC's.
Yes trying Googling.. then actually reading

awi59513698d ago (Edited 3697d ago )


I'm a pc gamer and everything ATI-Elite said was true and you're just a butt hurt Sony fanboy downplaying any news that comes out for xbox. You calling him a fanboy is a total joke. This is all around good news for guys on pc that may want to port over to xbox. Also Alan wake did sell way more on pc its on sale on steam all the time for like 10 dollars so it's had huge exposure on pc far more than it got on xbox. Saying pc guys dont want to go to xbox is stupid look how many copies of Minecraft sold on xbox the market is there for Indy developers.

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styferion3698d ago

It would have greater impact if they say "ports from Windows 7" and not "ports from Windows 8" though.. that version isn't good for gaming..