[Continue Play] James Bond 007: Blood Stone Retrospective Review

Continue Play's Shehzaan Abdulla takes a look back at a concerted effort to bring Bond to the 360/PS3. Though certainly a stronger effort than many licensed offerings, it has quite a few issues of its own. Still, players willing to take the dive will find a lot to like here.

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cyguration2388d ago

It's not as good as 007: Everything or nothing (goodness EA really went out on a limb with that one) but Blood STone is still fairly enjoyable. Too bad it's no longer available for purchase (I managed to get a used copy from Amazon).

SamPao2388d ago

I haven't touched a bond game since Nightfall ond PS2... And I don't even know why.
Damn are any of them still available for ps3/pc/psp/vita? And are they as good as nightfall ? (I remember it beeing awesome :P)

Articuno762388d ago

Digital copies of the game have been pulled after Activision lost the Bond license. But you can find the game cheap almost anywhere if you don't mind shopping second hand.

I've heard nothing but praise for Nightfire and Everything or Nothing so I'm contemplating picking them up. Would be interesting to play as Brosnan's Bond.

SamPao2388d ago (Edited 2388d ago )

ups I meant Nightfire! :D yeah that one was great

cyguration2388d ago

I enjoyed Blood Stone more than Nightfire (I had the Gamecube version). I think the driving sequences were about the same (in terms of enjoyment) but the shooting was more fun in Blood Stone.

However, Nightfire had the local multiplayer and the bots... and that really does outshine Blood Stone's multiplayer offerings.

Still, neither game compares to Everything or Nothing, which had a spectacular co-op mode (one of the best in gaming history and it was cogent to the game's single-player story) and a four-player deathmatch mode (it was a throwaway mode but it was still fun).

In order of fun factors, I would say:

1.) Everything or Nothing
2.) From Russia With Love
3.) Blood Stone
4.) Nightfire
5.) Goldeneye
6.) Agent Under Fire

Midgus2388d ago

this was definatly the better ones with goldeneye and nightfire, very enjoyable game.