PS3 Supports Universal Voltage

French site is reporting sony's playstation 3 supports universal current.Any person's living in Europe having a japanese ps3 wouldn't need an adapter to convert current for their ps3's because the unit supports universal voltage build inside the console.Happy importing!

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Karibu4447d ago

Didn't know that's even possible =D
Way to go Sony!!

Marriot VP4447d ago

oh good, cause you know that voltage over in england is wack

MicroGamer4447d ago

Sony probably thinks this move will save them money by only having to produce one power supply for all markets, but in reality it is just one more useless "feature" that drives up the price for everyone. How many of you plan on taking your video game console to another country that uses a different voltage than you use at home?? Handhelds, yes, consoles, no.

BenzMoney4447d ago

So I should be able to take my PS3 and hook it up to the 347V distribution panel in my friendly neighborhood warehouse?! Or I could theoretically pop open a transformer on the side of the road and hook 'er right up to the primary side at 4.167kV?! DAAAAAAMMN! That's SWEET! Wait a minute, wait a minute. Wouldn't "universal" also mean that it doesn't just support single phase but THREE phase as well?! So I could just take my good 'ole 4C#250MCM Teck 90 cable over here, rig it up to my PS3, and plug it right into my 15kV distribution coming from the power line???? HOLY CRAP! <end sarcasm>