Sunset Overdrive Traversal Speed Could Be Tweaked; Polish Already Improved Since Gameplay Reveal

Insomniac's James Stevenson stated that they might tweak Sunset Overdrive's traversal system, which according to users feedback is a bit slow. He also added that the game is already more polished than the build seen in the videos.

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ats19923690d ago

Awesome can't wait to get this game.

GarrusVakarian3690d ago (Edited 3690d ago )

Me neither, but it could definitely do with being a little faster in terms of traversal. Faster wall running and faster grinding, to be specific.

Not 'crazy, over the top, can't process what im doing' sort of fast, though. Just enough that the traversal movements flow a little better.

GusBricker3690d ago

Maybe the game allows you to upgrade in that area. I don't know if they've talked about if the game will have skill trees, etc. or not, tho.

GarrusVakarian3690d ago


Yeah, maybe. Maybe there will be an 'Amp' that speeds up traversal, that would be cool.

HacSawJimThugin3690d ago

Just what I was thinking. I too felt the grinding and wall running was bit slower than it should be. Maybe take a page from TitanFall and have it based on momentum? Idk but it definitely needs a boost.

truefan13690d ago (Edited 3690d ago )

With my experience playing Titanfall, I don't think it should speed up much more. Wall running and trying to aim is really difficult, but then again the more challenging the better. Also it's always easier to spot something when you're not playing, how many times have you watched your friend play something and say "How did you not see him."

4Sh0w3690d ago (Edited 3690d ago )

Well this is awesome because from the trailer I completely disagree that the traversal speed was too slow. I was thinking exactly like Stevenson explained that given all the things happening that you have to react to it looks fast enough; I dont want no "Sonic-like" traversing speed, lol but again what's awesome about this news is they can change it post release depending on player feedback. I'm betting Insomniac has it just right already, after all they've actually been playing it and early previews haven't mentioned it, in fact they all seem very high on the traversing.

Edit truefan1 you beat me to it, that's what I was thinking.

tokugawa3689d ago

I honestly thought the speed and everything from the trailer looked good. That being said I ain't against them tweaking things though.

Man I want this game now. I can't wait to co-op this game

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JustPlay43690d ago

This game remind me a lot of Jet Set Radio for some reason, i'll wait until its released to state my opinion on the game, they have kinda let me down on there last couple of games.

Festano3690d ago

The Insomniac is doing a great job, hopefully in a good multiplayer. I can not wait to see it at E3.

JustPlay43690d ago

No I think multiplayer would be bad for this, coop only, unless that what you mean never mind

TheUltimateGamer3690d ago

This thing came out of nowhere. The more and more I see about it the more I'm looking forward to it! Definitely on my watchlist.

kaiserfranz3690d ago

It may be my personal system seller for Xbox One. I loved Resistance 1 & 2 from Insomniac, this looks crazy fun.

I hope multiplayer will have enough depth!

XiSasukeUchiha3690d ago

Sunset is going to be a good game!!

Aurenar3690d ago

Finally a game that justifies the purchase of an Xbox One. Pity that one game is just not enough for me.

Salooh3690d ago

I'm more into serious visions but this game looks great.

So far 3 games i like in X1 :
Gears of war
Quantum break
And this game.

12 Games to go. Then i will consider buying X1 . While that happens i bet we will get a price drop :P . I will play all the games then sell it the moment i feel that MS will stop releasing serious games. :P

kaiserfranz3690d ago

Well, we haven't seen anything about the new Gears of War yet...

u got owned3690d ago


Let me guess 12 games and a price point of $150. Let's be honest you will never own a Xbox One.

Salooh3689d ago

No , Consoles always have a price drop at some point , when that happen i will look at the amount of exclusives , if it's reasonable and enough to spend that much money on the console then i will buy it. I just want games , multi platforms already in pc and ps4 so the only reason i would go for X1 is exclusives :) . If they can't provide that then spending 400-500 + Live(At least two years) , for a few exclusives is just a waste of money and dumb from me...

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10 Years Later, Sunset Overdrive Still Remains A Beloved Xbox Exclusive

Does it still hold up in 2024?

We've still got a few months to go, but October marks the 10-year anniversary of this Insomniac Games title, with the developer having since moved on to work on the Marvel's Spider-Man games for PlayStation. It was assumed that Sunset Overdrive might make its way to other platforms eventually, but that hasn't happened as of yet.

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Christopher71d ago

So beloved that it sold so well that there's a sequel and Insomniac never had the opportunity to go back to Sony to develop games exclusively for Sony.

RaidenBlack71d ago

ngl, I was low-key expecting Sunset Overdrive to migrate to PS as well along with Hi-Fi Rush and SoT

Christopher71d ago

I think that would require Insomniac going back to work on it to port it over, probably why that's not happening.

RaidenBlack71d ago

Didn't Sony help with SoT port?