Video Of Gamers Camping Out for Playstation 3

Fox 5 News -- The Playstation 3 is set to be released this week, and you can expect to pay about $600 for it--if you can find one! Sony's PS3 is the must-have holiday gift for gamers. People are camping out for days just to get one! Fox 5's Will Thomas reports.

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JasonXE4447d ago (Edited 4447d ago )

over 100 ps3. That is sad that a company will go so low and mislead the people like that. At most ther going to get 10-20. That is really sad man...

Scythesean4447d ago

it said they already have them...

SPAWN4447d ago

Who wouldn`t expect this?! Also, dude, you don`t even live in the USA more less have you even been here! There`s only gonna be 150,000 to 250,000 ps3`s so of course there`s gonna be campers who will only(the most of them) sell it on ebay to brainwashed fanboys like yourself! Dude, if you even read the console to software attatchment ratio, you`ll see that it`s barely even selling with one game! Where were you when the gears of war reviews came out huh? You and dj were nowhere to be found! After I saw all of you post bad comments about the 360 and gears, when Emergence Day came and it got an average review of 9.6, you all ran with ur tails between your legs like a scared dog ha! RFOM is a good game BUT, I like my Call Of Duty without aliens! Get it? Got it? Good!

wildcat4447d ago (Edited 4447d ago )

Freakn fanboy. "I like my call of duty without aliens." Good stuff.

HyperBear4447d ago

I wish I can skip school for a whole week and just camp out for a system, but I cant, cause I have a thing called a LIFE. And all those ppl out there, dont even know what they are buying, watch that dad whos buying it for his son, his son takes it home, connects it to his tv and watch, the damn thing wont work, then they all go WHY????. Well cause for one thing, you dont know anything about agming. 2, PS3 has a lot of issues, so its only normal all launch day systems will not work, and 3 you obviously havent read anything up on PS3 havent you?. Man 150 people lined up for a 100 consoles, and most of them are kids. Do they even have school in NY, or is it all about Getting Rich and Die Trying over there, selling drugs, smoking meth. Hmmm, so maybe it is normal for kids waititng in that line-up afterall. If thats all they do in NY, might as well get in line for a PS3 and waste time on that, then being on the streets, selling crack, and not getting an education. Oh Well, I wish all of them luck. LOL

AuburnTiger4447d ago

Hyper correct if i'm wrong, but weren't you crying on this site b!tching on how your 360 got the ring of death??

So i'm wondering how you post this nonsense about how "all" ps3 will not work. Usually you post pretty interesting stuff, but this is just fanboyism. What's the matter with you.

NJ1307RSX4447d ago

That's not NY, that is Rockville, Maryland.

gamer20084447d ago

everyone on this website are dumb. i just dont get you all. ok i remember during e3 05 period everyone was like wow its the ps3 im going to get one. now you find out the price its like omg i cant afford it.

i thought it was easy to get 600 these days especially if you work. all the systems have launch problems. but why do you people have to bash on ps3 so much?

i like wii 360 and ps3. i have nothing wrong with any of them. i spend my all my life playing games dont care about anything else and i dont care to get made fun for it and i sure as heck dont care what you people think but bashing a console over and over again is just stupid like you people say its just a game system. but you all dont act like that. the only topics i see people post on are ps3 topics so i have a feeling some of you all that has xbox 360 are going to buy ps3 even though you say your not going to.

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