Is Inside Drifting Back in Mario Kart 8?

GameXplain: "With Mario Kart 8 just around the corner, a lot of people are wondering if the Inside Drifting feature seen with some of the motorcycles in Mario Kart Wii is back. We set out to find out once and for all in this head-to-head comparison of the different kinds of power-slides!"

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randomass1711720d ago

Kind of weird to see inside drifting still being in the game, but at least they took the time to balance it a bit.

ChickeyCantor1720d ago

I can't go without inside drifting. It's how I win the game. I hope it's not that much of a difference in WiiU

randomass1711720d ago

As long as it doesn't provide a huge and unfair advantage, I'm cool with it. Player skill and item luck should be the only factors to determine the victor.

grailly1720d ago

GameXplain is really on their shit when it comes to nintendo

randomass1711720d ago

I've been following them for two months now. Their analyses of games are very interesting. :)