The Problem with the Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire Remake

Sean Halliday of Pixel Gate writes:

''I’ve been a fan of Nintendo for as long as I can remember. I grew up with their games, their consoles, and their way of looking at how fun can be achieved in video games. Times change, as have my video game tastes, but my love for Nintendo has remained. The problem, however, is that my love for Nintendo has become a little bit strained as of late–and the recent announcement of remakes of both Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire have only made me more frustrated.''

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EcoSos31625d ago

Most remakes are not a bad thing they let new gamers play old games that they couldnt or didnt play back then. But if your going to argue about remakes then include Sony too, arent they remaking like 3 games that are not even a year or 2 old.

ats19921625d ago (Edited 1625d ago )

But in everyone's eyes only Nintendo and Microsoft milk games. Sony can do no wrong.

Ratty1625d ago

Really? Where have you been for the past month with all the TLOU HD Remaster debates?

randomass1711624d ago

@One_Eyed_Wizard Yeah TLOU had a lot of debates, but I think Nintendo in particular got a lot of hate for Wind Waker HD. Taking an old game and making it look new is something I like. I'm not as interested in a year old game with a resolution upgrade BUT some people would indeed be interested in that. So I'm not really against it so much as uninterested.

colonel1791625d ago (Edited 1625d ago )

arent they remaking like 3 games that are not even a year or 2 old.

I agree! It's nice to see remakes of old games, because it brings us back to this times, but now they are even remaking games recently released! I mean, if things keep going this way, we will have a remake of InFamous Second Son next year /s (but seems that way)

Remakes should be limited by 2 to 3 generations. Anything recent shouldn't be remade.

caseh1625d ago

'Remakes should be limited by 2 to 3 generations. Anything recent shouldn't be remade.'

This is my exact thought on the topic as well. I didn't buy a PS4 to see the games I bought last year on PS3.

Remake games from PS2 era and earlier by all means, but remaking games from HD games is a bit of a joke in my opinion.

randomass1711624d ago

@caseh Can't say I disagree. I really liked Halo Anniversary and I'd love to play Wind Waker HD. Making older games look new is a lot better than taking recent games and making them look slightly better.

rdgneoz31625d ago

Look at how many handheld Pokemon games there are and tell me they need to remake a pair.

The 2 or 3 Sony are remaking were released on the PS3 right before the PS4 came out. Not everyone has a PS3 and some were saving for a PS4.

If you're already milking a series to death, why do you need 2 remakes?

paulcek1625d ago (Edited 1625d ago )

I don't think it's being "milked to death" if "Hoenn Confirmed" became an internet meme (due to speculation), and fan demand has been around since the remakes of gold and silver. It's giving into fan demand, and it shows they have been somewhat listening to their fans.

It's been 11 years since Ruby and Sapphire came out. And Hoenn had awesome music and secret forts!

paulcek1625d ago (Edited 1625d ago )

double post. so sorry.

xander707691625d ago

To be fair, lots of pokemon fans have been begging for hoenn remakes...and considering how they remade red/blue and gold/silver, it seemed inevitable.

randomass1711624d ago

Can't we look at these remakes as side projects until the big project comes out? Like how TLOU remastered is a side project there for fans until Uncharted 4 is made?

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Majin-vegeta1625d ago

Only one TLOU that we are aware of there was the rumor for Ascension but since it's still a rumor i'm not counting it.

randomass1711624d ago

GTAV and Beyond Two Souls were also rumored I think. Tomb Raider also got remastered.

tehpees31625d ago

The PS3 games they have done aren't even remakes. They are up-scaled ports.

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PauliceMan1625d ago

You know what's awesome!?!? Dating and sleeping with a hot chick when you're 18! Then ten years later she is older and hotter, and she comes back into your life and wants to hook up again. Then some guy out of nowhere says, "Yo bro, she's older and hotter and still super cool but guess what. Not a good idea." That guy deserves a kick in the nuts. End.

stragomccloud1625d ago

I hate articles like this. I'm a long time Pokémon fan, but gen 3 is the only gen I've never played. So this is great for me! My pokédex is at 530, and my biggest gap is gen 3, so the announcement of this game is wonderful news!

colonel1791625d ago

Every man's dream is to have a 3D, free-roaming, RPG pokemon, where you walk around towns and see the beautiful 3D-rendered pokemon living in the wild (kind of like FFXIII, and you meet people in the towns you visit, which are big (not huge) and there is a huge world with seas, deserts, mountains.

Then when you encounter a pokemon it goes in a 3D fight like Pokemon Stadium but better. The gyms are filled with puzzled (like Legend of Zelda) before you reach the pokemon master.

Man, those dreams!

Now, that's much better than having a Pokemon game remade.

Majin-vegeta1625d ago

If only Ninty knew what gold mine they are sitting on.

GamerEuphoria1624d ago

Thanks for the kind words!

Solid_Penguin-641625d ago

The main problem I see is that it's not the Majoras Mask 3D remake...

Hawkinst5401625d ago

It's so coming though, the only question is: is it going to be on 3DS like Ocarina of Time or Wii U like Wind Waker

Solid_Penguin-641625d ago

Well I'd imagine it'll come to 3DS since MM is the direct sequel to OoT, not to mention the two games share similar assets so it makes sense from a development viewpoint.

randomass1711624d ago

YES. Majora deserves a remake. Period!

kirbyu1625d ago

Because you know, remakes of Ruby and Sapphire weren't being asked for by literally everyone.

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