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More Signs That Big Xbox One Leak Was Real

Some rumors are very, very fake. Others turn out to be true—and today's Sunset Overdrive news adds yet more credence to a major Xbox leak from January that predicted a number of still-unannounced titles, including a remake of Halo 2 and a sequel to Forza Horizon.

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Community2533d ago
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Kayant2533d ago (Edited 2533d ago )

"Halo 3 Port
Halo 4 Port
Halo 5

In the span of one year." - Is this actually plausible? It's the one thing in the leak I don't feel will happen.

The only things that have been wrong so far is additional countries launches. The TF XB1 was half wrong with the design not making it to retail that was also one thing Mort disagreed on but said he heard the same things. Take that want you will.

"White Console plus Sunset Overdrive and a fancy ass controller in October" - This will do well and be a system seller I feel.

LAWSON722533d ago (Edited 2533d ago )

As for Halo 4 and 3 I thought they were to be just the same game just playable on Xbone. Which would make sense or the Halo 2 Anniversary would not really stand out.


what the hell are you going on about?

I was just thinking they were probably going to be like Xbox originals on 360 and what better way to start that then with the biggest IP they have. I think it is very possible MS announces something along these lines at E3 especially with the emulation rumors and there focus on digital downloads. If so Lost Odyssey and Tales of Vesperia better get on the store.

IT is not like I said Halo 4,3,2 are going to make the Xbone have the best software line up or something. FYI I dont care about your little fanboy war I play games not sales.

Negative772533d ago Show
Evilsnuggle2533d ago (Edited 2533d ago )

Halo 2 Anniversary
Sunset Overdrive
quantum break
Forza Horizon 2
Gears of War CG trailer
crackdown 3 rumor???
Lost Odyssey rumors???

Sorry if Sony E3 lineup is true then Sony will have the greatest E3 show of all times. Only thing better would be Jesus Christ showing up with a New copies of Shenmue and Panzer dragon Saga.

Uncharted for PS4 will have a three minute trailer with in-engine footage and gameplay segments. Visuals are “supposedly unprecedented and set a benchmark for console graphics.” Features tropical setting and sequences with Francis Drake. Release date: Summer 2015.
Media Molecule will reveal their new title. The game will feature 3D world building with unique visuals.Possibly related to the “Entwined” trademark filed recentlty by SCE. Release date: Late 2015
Guerrilla Games displaying their new IP.
Sony Japan Studios debuting two titles: Project Beast (spiritual successor to Demon Souls) and The Last Guardian (retooled for PS4). Possibly revealing a third title.
Gran Turismo 6 for PS4. Features 1080p 60FPS, social connectivity, new tracks, and dlc. Release date: mid-late 2015.
God of War 4 teaser trailer. Purposefully included to offset negativity surrounding canceled new IP’s. Release date: Late 2015.
Syphon Filter reboot for PS4, related to Kill Strain trademark. Release date: Winter 2014 title.
Wipeout making transition to PS4. To be developed by Sony London, Evolution, or Firesprite.
Quantic Dream has a trailer prepared that may or not be used depending on reaction to Microsoft’s press conference.
The Order:1886 stage demo
PS4 exclusive from Ninja theory, possibly Heavenly Sword sequel.
Sony London showing off a AAA title.
inFAMOUS: Second Son DLC featuring new powers and possibly new setting
Driveclub footage shown with demo release will be timed with the conference.

Ulf2533d ago


How can a company have the "greatest E3 of all time", with a whole mess of ports, and like 1-2 new IPs? I mean, they aren't even sequels.

gcolley2533d ago

@ Evilsnuggle - you lost bro?

DiRtY2533d ago

Crackdown 3
Forza Horizon 2
Quantum Break
Gears of War 4
Fable Legends
Halo 2 HD
Halo 5
Ryse 2
Halo Wars 2
Phantom Dust: Sacrifice
Sunset Overdrive
Perfect Dark TPS
new Platinum Games title
new Tiwsted Pixel game
2 Lift London games
new Good Science Studios game
new Epic Game
new Frontier Development game
Fallout 4
The Division

All of these titles were rumored (I don't believe it btw), but you can't spin this in a bad lineup. You just can't.

TheGrimReaper2533d ago

I have to agree, if this list is true MS will have a great E3!
There is no way denying this!

If both lists are true (there are things which seem exaggerated so I don't believe it ;)) this will be a great E3 for everyone!

If you have a PS4, be happy!
If you have a Xbox One, be happy!

If you have money and time enough for both, be happy!

I'd say this E3 will be really close between Sony and MS (and if Zelda looks good Ninty will have a good E3 too xD).

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Lightning Mr Bubbles2533d ago

Well now there's a huge PS4 leak also. I hope that's true also.

zeuanimals2533d ago

I hope both leaks are false, even though they're both good, and I want the real things to be even better.

Always want better, but expect less... I guess.

bleedsoe9mm2533d ago (Edited 2533d ago )

@zeuanimals both rumours are pretty awesome don't know if reality will get even better than those leaks

christocolus2533d ago (Edited 2533d ago )


No way all those halo games will be released within a year except ms surprises us all by announcing backward compatibility or a halo complete box set made for xbox one comprising halo1 to halo4 .

I also guess a lot of things would have changed since that leak was made back in january but we will know in about 5weeks though.

whybag2533d ago

I could see them releasing a box of Halo games as a "legacy" or "complete"(ish) set, good way to get the newer console owners into the back catalog.

Selling them individually would be annoying though.

Prime1572533d ago

Whybag, I'd live a collection. Include 1, 2, and 3 remade and sold...

I'm scared of annual, though...

zeuanimals2533d ago

Porting Halo 4 will be useless since everyone's gonna be on Halo 3.

mhunterjr2533d ago

I'd be on halo2 myself... Best MP maps ever...

Negative772533d ago

Not true at all. Halo 4 had a lot of good things going for it. Some very cool maps especially.

MajorGecko2533d ago

please halo 4 had nothing like waterworks on halo 2 :)

hellzsupernova2533d ago

Nope the console was 100% real but too expensive for Microsoft to go ahead with.

SilentDarknezzz2532d ago

Halo 3 and 4 ports probably won't happen. Most likely he purposely leaked some false information here and there to cover his own ass. Wouldn't want a lawsuit on his hands.

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imt5582533d ago

Well, Xbone Titanfall theme didn't came.

Xbone W/O optical drive DENIED by MS itself :

Some rumors are correct, some not.

LAWSON722533d ago (Edited 2533d ago )

TF bundle was actually very much legit but do to costs production was canceled. The TF team did a boxing and everything. Xbone optical drive may have been a possibility as well back in Jan, but could have been cancelled for obvious reasons such as the system still does not feature pre installs for launch games and the idea really was not that great to begin with.

Honestly I think alot of these leaks were on the drawing board with potential to happen. Like I bet white Xbone will not happen due to the same reasons as the TF bundle at least while production costs are pretty high

The fact this guy knew exactly what this trailer had in it months ago, he clearly knew about a alot of what was going on at MS at the time of his leak

imt5582533d ago

Yes, i know about Titanfall Xbone situation before. Nevertheless, Xbone TF theme didn't came.

whybag2533d ago

But the TF theme was REAL. Even if it didn't go into production, its existence was legit, and that makes the insider leak legit in my eyes.

isthe2533d ago

Wow, guess Microsoft has a leak. I feel it's probably just them trying to create more attention for their games.

gcolley2533d ago

I doubt it, it takes the steam out of their E3 if everything is leaked before hand. E3 is about maximum impact, there is no point even turning up if you are going to leak it deliberately beforehand.

WeAreLegion2533d ago (Edited 2533d ago )

Halo 2 is inevitable and I, for one, am happy about it.

I'd love a Forza Horizon 2, but why would they make it? The first one sold quite poorly. It's my favorite in the series, but it doesn't make business sense.

cfc782533d ago

Roughly 1.70 mill sold as of now let's hope they take a chance on it i'd love to see a Forza Horizon 2.

mhunterjr2533d ago

There's no time like the beginning of a console gen to push obscure IPs. Horizon never got the marketing push other MS racers had gotten, but nows as good a time as any to change that.

WeAreLegion2533d ago

Good point! Bubble for "well said".

Codey472532d ago

I could understand if this were 12 years ago...but this is the day of the Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, The Blog and the Vlog.

Developers "Kickstarters" don't have 5 Million pound/dollar marketing campaigns...they always generate pretty good interest.

mhunterjr2532d ago


Define "always generating pretty good interest"

Horizon sold 1.2 million copy's , and is considered just a mild success, given the development costs.

Your typical indie game developer would be happy to sell 100k units. A 1st party title can't settle for indie type marketing campaigns.

Codey472532d ago (Edited 2532d ago )

My point is

Sony had terrible marketing until 2012 (Apart from the Kevin Butler "ads". Sony's best attempt at marketing yet IMO) But that didn't stop the PS3 selling multi millions prior to the new marketing agency.

IMO a well established franchise such as Forza doesn't need marketing it'll sell itself up to a certain point.

I think the huge deviation of Forza Horizon probably didn't bode well with the "Hardcore race sim fanatic"
Tbh Forza Horizon was a mismatch of Forza, Codemasters DiRT and Burnout/Need for speed (Recent iterations)

Personally I would love to see Devs/Publishers sink money into the product I'm interested in, as opposed to Millions of £$'s for a 30 second advert to titillate the casuals.

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vishant1012533d ago

forza horizon is quite cheap to make however as assets are just used from the mainline forza series, selling 1 million would have broken even for that game.

mhunterjr2532d ago (Edited 2532d ago )

Define 'quite cheap'. Lots of games share assets (sequels for sample), that doesn't mean development costs aren't high. Besides, companies exist to make a profit, not break even.

Forza horizons has systems in place that aren't present in Forza Motorsport, including a day/night cycle, a different physics model, and an open road map.

killzone6192533d ago

who wouldnt be happy about halo 2 returning? the multiplayer was amazing.

hopefully its running on dedicated servers!

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S2Killinit2533d ago (Edited 2533d ago )

Halo and forza. There, im an insider now
E3 will be interesting though in both camps, (or is it three camps)

cfc782533d ago

2 camps and 1 tent lol(joking good luck nintendo).