Dear Nintendo: Get With The Times, Or Get The **** Out

Ricky from Twinfinite writes: "Nintendo's recent exclusion of same-sex relationships from their game Tomodachi Life is one step over the line for the gaming giant, with farther reaching implications than just being a game. Its time for change or else."

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mikel10151719d ago

It's not Nintendo that needs to get over themselves. It's those who are insecure about the decision of someone elses product. They didn't say that they don't like gays. They are just trying to be a family friendly company like they've always been. If you don't like their decision, don't buy it and move on with your life. I'm sure there's much more for pessimists such as yourself to complain about.

Muazimus-Prime1719d ago

Exactly what about being LGBT is not family friendly?

mikeslemonade1719d ago (Edited 1719d ago )

I would have expected Microsoft to have the more conservative outlook in this situation. But then again they don't have a game that demonstrates a social situation like this.

Yodagamer1719d ago

Nothing really i think family friendly is the wrong word for this conservative friendly is the right word. There are plenty of families out there that view lgbt as alright and have no problem with it. The problem is conservative families are the majority while the other are the minority. With this subject you either risk ticking off the minority or the majority and in a business the majority are the people you don't upset. Which sucks for people who would love that feature.

nosferatuzodd1719d ago

Good move nitendo why piss off main street to please the minority

ZodTheRipper1719d ago

I don't see any problem with Nintendos decision, as an executive at Nintendo I would decide the same. They have an image to keep and actually I can't believe how some are blowing this out of proportion ...but picking on Nintendo apparently became a cool thing in the last few years.

TheDivine1719d ago

Of course sodomy isn't family friendly. Just because you see no problem doesn't mean there isn't one. Some people think pedophilia is morally acceptable does that mean we should force it into games? Adultery is acceptable to some people so that's family friendly to you? Just because something is legal doesn't mean it's ok and morally acceptable. Homosexuality is wrong same as sleeping around with the opposite sex is. I really don't see why people try to force this stuff into games. Your not being hated or discriminated against by leaving it out. They prob only want this because the more they get this forced in the more they can present it as family friendly and acceptable which it isn't. They're brainwashing the youth to believe whatever you decide is ok. There is no wrong only your personal truth and all that malarkey.

Yodagamer1719d ago (Edited 1719d ago )

@Thedivine putting an option for gay marriage which is two consenting people in love and touching little kids or cheating on your mutual partner are completely different things. There isn't any brainwashing being done it's called tolerance of someone that do not hurt anyone unlike the pedos or cheaters you compare them to.

1719d ago
mochachino1719d ago

I agree with Muazimus-Prime, what about being LGBT is not family friendly?

Is very disheartening that it seems the majority of N4G are intolerant....although, it corresponds to the way the world has been heading lately.


jsslifelike1718d ago (Edited 1718d ago )

This is such sour grapes that the article ought to be titled, "I'm Going To Take My Balls(and someone else's) and Go Home". The woe-is-me, exclusionary bitching has to stop sometime. Get over it. IT'S A VIDEO GAME. FOR ENTERTAINMENT.


You're entitled to your opinion and/or beliefs, just as everyone else is. It just seems that when someone believes that one man(or woman, for that matter) ought not lie with another, they're being intolerant. It's their right, too, don't forget.

Plus, the actual shame of the matter is that everyone overextends that entitlement to the point of believing that every product and/or service should cater solely to them. That's not the case and LGBT isn't the only example.

Army_of_Darkness1718d ago

Get with the times? really?? If that was the case, then explain to me why there isn't barley any BIG budget movies starring 2 main gay people saving the world?? Just because gayness exist doesn't mean it has to be implemented everywhere.

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Vegamyster1719d ago (Edited 1719d ago )

I agree, This is blown out of proportion. The game was designed with the Japanese audience in mind and this was not even suppose to be a part of the game anyway. You shouldn't get pissed of and angry because a developer doesn't cater to a certain groups preferences and being that they're a gaming company they don't need to get involved in politics if they don't want to.

mochachino1719d ago

You should always get mad at intolerance and/or group inequity. It's the only way to eliminate it.

Vegamyster1718d ago


Again it was not suppose to be in the game so i don't see how you can label them as intolerant. They've remained pretty much neutral on the subject.

3-4-51719d ago

O Great....AttentionWhorefinite

Way to fan the flames just for hits.

KwietStorm1719d ago

Exactly. 'Get with the times'? Really? That's making things very one dimensional.

Shnazzyone1718d ago

Sounds like another reason for people to say they hate nintendo. So naturally, the bandwagon is all for it. I mean, you can still become "best friends" with a person of your own sex. Good enough, right? Don't make them have to recode an entire game because of a bunch of social crusaders think that's not good enough. That's ridiculous.

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persona4chie1719d ago

They would likely get with the times first, but unfortunately for you their not going anywhere for awhile :)

Chrischi19881719d ago

That douche of a journalist is exactly what is wrong with gaming today. Just because he doesnt like Nintendo doesnt give him the right to be such an asshole fanboy. If somebody should get out of somewhere, he should get out of journalism and move his head out of his ass. Is this what journalism is now? What has happened? Since when is journalism the opinion of some dumb 12 year old minded fart?

SpiralTear1719d ago

I think this is more a geocultural issue than something that's solely connected to Nintendo.

HollywoodLA1719d ago (Edited 1719d ago )

It's not solely connected to Nintendo, and yes, it is most likely a cultural issue. However, none of this excuses the fact that it is simply WRONG.

I believe Nintendo's defense was them not wanting to inject cultural politics, or something to that extent into their business. Except, that's exactly what they've now done.

A corporation making decisions based on profit motive, as well as ACCEPTED forms of cultural, un-constitutional (in some countries) discrimination against a minority that currently (in many countries) do not have equal rights - none of this can be defended, it not acceptable, and no one could intellectually support this decision.

What this decision indicates is the fact that Nintendo is comfortable, and willing to propagate the false idea that marriage is somehow "between a man and a woman," as ordained by some imaginary floating deity, or some conservative philosophy that is rooted in thousands of years of strict conservative doctrine, that is not only illogical, but also resides in completely uneducated, pre-scientific times. It's inherently illogical.

It's ludicrous, and transparently hypocritical. I see this as yet another signal that Nintendo isn't interested in the global market, much more in an insulated Japanese market that (maybe) reacts well to more conservative decisions made by society, business, and politics.

It's the "smaller experiences" direction, which I believe Nintendo has been pushing for a while, given their irrelevance in the home console market.

Ol_G1719d ago

Yeah you don't know what you're talking about same sex marriage was a bug that they fixed in the western version no need to get all political up in here

Ol_Boy1719d ago

You're insinuating that Japan is a conservative market and the rest of the world isnt? Marriage between a man and a woman is the norm view world wide. Same sex marriage as being normal is actually the view of a small percentage of the world population. I have nothing against gays and I have a few gay friends but when people get upset about same sex marriage not being included in a GAME it baffles me. Get upset over anti same sex marriage laws in the real world and let devs do whatever they want with they're product lol.

Anthotis1719d ago (Edited 1719d ago )


I doubt this game is gonna undo all the "progress".

Dear Twinfinite: Vote with your wallet, and STFU.

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