The annualization of Pikachu: Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire make 6 Pokémon games in 7 years

When gamers talk about publishers that “milk” their big franchises with yearly releases, most of the time they are talking about Activision and Call of Duty or Electronic Arts and Madden. But despite its history, Nintendo is no different.

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ColManischewitz1716d ago

Nintendo needs a huge yearly franchise to help the financials at this point.

randomass1711716d ago

And Pokemon fits the bill to a tee.

Sadie21001716d ago

OK, it wasn't my imagination that there are now too many Pokemon games.

Chrischi19881716d ago

Of course this was coming, that 2 of them are basically the same game, but with some different pokemon to increase social play and trading between players and people make an annually renewed game out of it, no wonder, here on N4G once again.

Kurisu1716d ago (Edited 1716d ago )

I'm surprised they're still going to be honest. Back in the 90's when I was in Primary school Pokemon was huge with the TV programme, gameboys, battling with link cables etc. But now I don't get how the momentum continues. Yellow was the last game I played lol.

Mum: "What's different to this then the Blue game I bought you?"


randomass1711716d ago

Gold was my last one and that was when I was leaving my childhood years. This remake is perfect for me to jump back in since I never played gen 3.

izumo_lee1716d ago

No matter what you call it 'milking', 'yearly releases', it is smart on Nintendo to do so cause children will eat this stuff up. They don't care how many Pokemon games are released they just want it from what i can tell.

The problem with yearly installments of titles is eventually they will lose their charm. Pokemon is a special game cause you wanna wait for that next installment. The anticipation of what new Pokemon will they come up with next. Sooner or later these annual installments will become a 'fad' & will risk losing its popularity.

The rewards are high but the risks are even higher with a business model like this that Nintendo is handling of Pokemon.

SpiralTear1716d ago

It's really easy to make a series stale by doing yearly installments, but it's not like Pokemon hasn't made any progressions during this recent stint of releases.

X and Y were huge; they were the most progressive games in the series in years. Compared to Black/White (and Black/White 2), X and Y visibly show progression, both in presentation tech and gameplay, with 3D battles and online features that were just awesome. You can't say that about many other annual series.

I'm not a fan of annual releases, but that's because so many of them reuse a lot of ideas and don't show any real evolution of their series. Pokemon X and Y clearly have progression, so I find it much less exhausting than something like Call of Duty or Madden.

izumo_lee1716d ago

Like i said Nintendo are smart to be doing this for the Pokemon franchise cause the popularity of the series hasn't died at all. Take to account the many anime installments it will be a very long time before Pokemon becomes stale.

Big rewards like i said but the chance for risk is also very high with this business model. As long as they keep the games evolving they can do whatever they want. People love these games.

-Foxtrot1716d ago (Edited 1716d ago )

Yet they can't make a Pokemon RPG game for the Wii U


Clown_Syndr0me1716d ago

I know right, this is the only thing that would make me consider a Wii U.

randomass1711716d ago

Has Game Freak ever done a console game before? I think they've only ever worked on handhelds.

jonboi241716d ago

Couldn't they have just re-release Sapphire and allow you to catch them all. Probably would have save them a little money, then developing two games.

Clown_Syndr0me1716d ago

Some people actually buy both.

randomass1711716d ago

^This. Some of my crazy friends get both and then they get the inevitable combo game, though that might not even be happening anymore.

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