New “High Profile” Halo Experience Will Involve Exciting Industrial Design, Vehicles and More

343 Industries is hard at work on the Halo franchise, and today more information on what they’re working on emerged.

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XiSasukeUchiha2491d ago (Edited 2491d ago )

Cool, this Halo is sounding more and more awesome.

Bundi2491d ago (Edited 2491d ago )

Oh my goodness does this reporting on absolutely every single bit of a popular game end? This is not journalism, it is just hit baiting mongery!
Halo will have vehicles?! Shock and awe, let me write an article.

Next up, Halo will include guns and possibly a multiplayer!

Dualshockers is ridiculous and people need to stop rewarding this mediocrity with hits.

Abriael2491d ago

You obviously didn't read the article. There are quite solid hints that this is *another* halo.


Bundi2491d ago

You don't have to report on every single little tidbit you scavange upon and expand it into a full blown article. Your article is a copy and paste of a job listing for crying out loud.
Please review your position as a journalist, report the news, don't try and make it.

Abriael2491d ago

@Bundi: Sorry, but you have very little title to tell me how to do my job. You obviously don't know how it works.

Only the worst journalists limit themselves to report easy press releases and simple stuff like that. The good ones WILL dig and scavenge, because that's where the most interesting stuff is.

Don't like? Don't read. You won't be missed one bit.

Dragonborn3122491d ago

Hoping that the hiring of lead producers and concept artists means a new Halo Wars in in development, would fit with the "exciting industrial design, vehicles, and more." Fingers crossed :)

theRell2491d ago

I predict live action advertisement.

deepio2491d ago

Dual Shockers sure do love speculating on every job posting out there in the gaming world.

Anyway, new Halo, old Halo, different Halo, bring it on.

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