Microsoft Employee Passes on the Zune

On his blog, a Microsoft employee that goes by the name of Nasa evaluates the Zune, and picks a competitor's device (the Toshiba's Gigabeat). Find out why.

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shotty4445d ago

:S, the biggest point against the zune was that the Gigabeat had a more hollow feeling that this user like as opposed to the more solid feel the zune has.

THWIP4445d ago

...that the idiot would know the Zune IS a Gigabeat; it's the same tech, with a slightly bigger screen and a new exterior. And I'd hardly call it a "competitor", since Toshiba and MS are partners on this, and HD-DVD.

BIadestarX4445d ago (Edited 4445d ago )

What division does this guy works? Let's not forget Microsoft is a huge organization with thousands of employees. Just because you work for microsoft it does not mean you get anything for free or even a discount. Most microsoft employee have to take their butt to the retail store and pay their own money. I will give you an example: Just becase you work in Burger King it does not mean you love eating their food.
The obvious purpose of this article is to show that "Not" even microsoft employees want the product they make. Microsoft is not a religion you have to convert to before you start working for them. Just like everyother company, most people work there to pay bills. Don't have to buy their products and are entitled to have their own preferences.

Dlacy13g4445d ago

Not even sure why this is posted?

Grown Folks Talk4445d ago

that os refund article from yesterday. at least the zune interacts with the 360, so it's slightly worthy in that aspect.

Marriot VP4445d ago

one out of thousands of employees, this hardly means anything, much like the one out of hundreds of EA employees who dissed gears of war.

He didn't like it cause they were the first ones to perfect online coop play, while his game army of two was supposed to. Jealousy

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