Which Is Safer: Internet Explorer 7 Or Firefox 2.0?

Internet Explorer 7 and Firefox 2.0 have built-in antiphishing features designed to alert you when you've hit a fraudulent site. In the new SmartWare test, which was sponsored by Mozilla, Microsoft's Internet Explorer 7 blocked 690 known phishing sites, or 66.35 percent of the total. In contrast, Mozilla's Firefox blocked 78.85 percent when using a local antiphishing database and 81.54 percent when using the online database.

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gamer20084445d ago

ever since i have heard of firefox i have been using it. i love firefox its just cool.

andy capps4445d ago

Me either. The new Firefox edition is great. The new Internet Explorer is ok, but still slower than Firefox and still not as good as Firefox in my eyes. The tabs in Internet Explorer are just not as easy to use as in Firefox.

Smellslikepie4445d ago

This is News4Gamers. I don't see how someone's choice of Internet Browser affects gaming.

It seems that you do all you can to find things wrong with Microsoft. It's pretty sad that you have to post this. It's also pretty sad that the moderators allowed this through.

andy capps4445d ago

Most likely you're using an internet browser to look at this site. Seems like it's applicable to me. If we were going to compare word processing applications that would be irrelevant.

Smellslikepie4445d ago

Right.. so on a website that is supposed to bring together news from different GAMING sites, it's relevant for there to be something about browsing the internet? That ISN'T game related.

andy capps4445d ago

News about the Microsoft Zune has been posted many times on here, and it has nothing to do with gaming. I don't see why you have to get your panties in a bunch because someone's talking about Microsoft.

Thugbot1874445d ago

Reasons: some how in the infinite wisdom of the MS developers they some how deiced to make IE7 more compliant with web standards then IE6. Well in doing so they have managed to make IE7 less compliant then IE6. So a lot of websites don’t look as the developers intended them to. Next you are stuck with the view they deiced you to have and you cannot change things around. Most of the Addons don’t work in IE7….

I think it was a smart move by Nintendo for going with Opera web browser. As for Firefox it supports a lot of addons but also isn’t 100% compliant. My vote is going for one of the two but not IE7.

BIadestarX4445d ago

Here is the sad part. Most websites are developed with IE in mind first. and pretty much all intranet web applications are designed the IE in mind since it allows you to do many things with activex. Eventhough it is true that Opera or other browsers follow the web standards better than IE the fact is that you have a better chance that the web page you are viewing will work on IE than other browsers. It is only now the web developers are starting to become more aware of the need of cross-browser development since IE is losing market shares.
As a web developer I can tell you, what killed microsoft it was not the lack of feature and code support, but the extra features they added that that werent approved by the W3C. for example ActiveX and VBScript and Ajax support. IE was the first browser to add Ajax functionality which every other browser maker ignored. Finally, browsers are adopting ajax now. Anyways, I have pretty much all browsers install since the project I work for must be cross browser, I sudgest you try them yourself. Most people are bias against IE simply because is made by microsoft. It is always good to have more than one browser install in your computer, so when the time comes that the page you are viewing does not work you are able to switch browsers. At the end of the day you don't open a browser to admire how web compliant it is, but to display a website.

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