War Thunder debuts on OnLive's CloudLift streaming service

Samit Sarkar of Polygon writes: "War Thunder, the free-to-play military MMO from Russian studio Gaijin Entertainment, is launching today on CloudLift, the cloud-based gaming service from OnLive, the latter company announced today.

CloudLift, which OnLive debuted this past March in open beta, is a subscription-based service that allows players to "lift" a limited selection of Steam titles they already own to the cloud, and then stream them to a variety of devices without needing to download the full game. Those devices include Mac- and Windows-based computers, as well as TVs and Android tablets. Because CloudLift is integrated with Steam, save games are synced across devices."

ocelot073699d ago

I ant used Onlive in ages. But when I did I couldn't fault the service.

3-4-53698d ago

Been playing it on PC and between this & Planetside 2, PS4 owners are in for a real Double treat with these games.

So much fun, tons of content, High quality good looking games.


War Thunder Developers Acknowledge Bot Problem And Announce Countermeasure Plans

Gaijin Entertainment conducted a study and are working to introduce better solutions.

vTuro24326d ago

Could it be? Naval where you fight actual players? One can dream.


War Thunder Community Lashes Out at Devs After Economy Changes, Calls for In-Game Strike on May 26

The War Thunder community lashes back at Gaijin after unfair economy changes were implemented, and an in-game strike is set for this week.


The 7 Best VR Flight Simulators

Looking to take to the skies, soaring over beautiful scenery and engaging in dogfights? Here are the seven best VR flight simulators.

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Abriael400d ago

Literally, only one of these games can be defined as a "flight simulator."

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Babadook7399d ago (Edited 399d ago )

I wish they would bring Sky’s Unknown to psvr2.

VariantAEC399d ago

Indeed, the full campaign! That would be dope!

Babadook7399d ago

Yea for sure. It’s certainly doable on ps5.