Xploder PS3 Movie Player and Media Manager available for US Launch of PS3

Fire International releases the World's first PS3 media management software to coincide with North American launch on 17th November 2006. Convert, manage and transfer your digital media collection on both PS3 and PSP. 'It's like iTunes for PS3' - comprehensive media management solution featuring an all-new user interface for PS3 AND PSP.

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Siesser4448d ago (Edited 4448d ago )

I'm going to have to read a little bit more, but I think I might end up getting this. First of all, it's the first mention I've seen of allowing the ps3 to access and play .avi files, which is important to me (bulk of my anime and tv stuff is in that format). Secondly, if you can manage it this way, you don't have to deal with accessing specific folder locations and stuff on the PS3. Granted, I haven't experienced it yet, but it sounds like it might require a bit of work at first to familiarize yourself with how and where to import video and stuff.

Don't like the whole "Gamesaves" feature though -_-. And also, everything mentions transferring data to a usb drive. I hope that this can all be transmitted over wi-fi.

Siesser4448d ago (Edited 4448d ago )

Read the article a little closer and all it seems to be doing (video wise) is converting your media into the appropriate mp4 format. That's the same format needed for iPod, and I already have software that does this (Videora iPod Converter - it's free). If the "file management" stuff is well organized, it might still be worth a purchase though.

Dragonopolis4448d ago

So it begins!

I love competition. Giving the PS3 so many tools to work with there just might be an explosion in non-gaming software for sale that will trick out your PS3.

Got to love it!

HiSpeedSoldier614447d ago

oh yeah! but xbox 360 losers sure don't

They vote Lame on every Pro PS3 article and Cool on every anti PS3 article.

Just because PS3 offers something that their mid-gen console doesn't provide doesn't mean they should hate it for advancing the normal perceptions of what a home console should be.

"I don't hate xbox 360, I hate jealous, idiotic losers that say they hate PS3, yet they obsess over it"