Nyko Responds to Intercooler Complaints

Nyko finally answers the problems being faced by its Intercooler for the 360. Three weeks ago, we reported that even Microsoft itself is having some doubts regarding the product.

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THWIP4447d ago

...this is NOT how you handle a PR debacle that will lead to class-action lawsuits. Do a recall, redesign it, and say you're sorry....PERIOD.

Funky Town_TX4447d ago

I passed on this device. This unit uses the 360's main power for fans. I wonder if it drain the voltage supply to the Main motherboard. GO for a USB powered device. Eitherway I have played my launch 360 for at least 12 hours straight before and have not had a problem.

Ravenator5294447d ago

People are buying these cooling fans on fear alone!

It may temporarily save a 360 from going up in smoke, but it won't save it forever. If the 360 is defective, an external cooling fan isn't the magical fix.

Keep the 360 well venilated and instead of purchasing a cooling fan for $20 - $30, purchase an extended warranty instead!

This should go for any PS3/Wii owner as well!

Don't buy into this crap!

Daewoodrow4447d ago

I agree everyone. If you have a launch console, you should let it fail anyway if it needs to, and get it repaired for free. You wont have any problems after that. This product is totally unnecessary for a recent console. Capitalising on people's fear, it makes me sick. And there's no denying the product is defective, reports keep coming in of more serious incidents.

SPAWN4447d ago

Don`t buy this crap!!! It broke my 360 about a month ago now and I had to use my warranty with EBgames for a new one! First off, the fans start off kinda quiet then gets really noisy to the point where it sounds like the fans are grinding on something! Then, it makes your console cut off for no apparent reason! Then it will give you one red quadrant and a red light on your power supply also which means fault alarm! DON`T BUY OR USE THIS PRODUCT! TRUST ME, IT WILL DESTROY YOUR 360!

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