Seven Good Reasons to Consider the PlayStation Vita Slim

Sony has a new game handheld hitting the US, sort of: the PlayStation Vita Slim or Vita 2000 is a hardware revision to the original Vita from 2012, with a few tweaks and a notably thinner and lighter build.

It's really the same as the original Vita, with a few key exceptions: an LCD display instead of OLED, Micro USB charging, and a more compact feel. The real question is, who should get a Vita? It's a product that's struggled over the past few years, but if you love handheld games, this is a console that's starting to come into its own.

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ninjahunter1630d ago

$200 for a vita, an 8gb memory card and borderlands 2 is about as much value as you'le ever get. Except maybe the steam summer sale, but that doesnt count.

joab7771630d ago

Remote play...thats all u need.

Ashunderfire861630d ago

how about fixing that wifi for the vita.

colinf4381630d ago

I had with issues too when I first got my vita, but it was not a vita problem. My network hardware was the issue, for some reason it wasn't cooperating with my vita. This never occurred anywhere else but at my house, and the problem disappeared after upgrading my router. Hope you resolve your issue!

Th3o1630d ago

Wifi works fine for me...with ps+ it even downloads patches and updates my trophy list for me... No idea what wifi problem your having with it but I suggest you look at your network....or possibly YOUR Vita.