GameShark: The Incredible Hulk Preview

Oh boy, GameShark have been here before: another summertime blockbuster superhero movie accompanied by an obligatory game release. While a few-very few-interactive tie-ins have managed to make a positive mark, it's the others that they remember most vividly in the way they disappoint or simply engender the best of mediocrity. Tucked away as though not to be seen during SEGA Gamers' Day, The Incredible Hulk appears to be taking the road well-traveled when it comes to motion picture-licensed gaming.

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drdre744536d ago

As much as I'm looking forward to this game since I loved Ultimate Destruction the main down fall for this game is that its coming out around the same time as MGS4. They really need to push this game back just for that reason alone. Since I'm not rich and can only buy one game I'm gonna have to pass on this and play the hell out of MGS4.