Sony Fails To Deliver Day 1 Digital For MLB 14: The Show On PS4, Offers Refund For Digital Purchase

GearNuke: "MLB 14: The Show was supposed to be one of the many Day 1 Digital title for the PS4, which allowed its user to download the game on its official release. Unfortunately, in the case of MLB 14: The Show, it never worked."

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DanielGearSolid1628d ago

Sony has to get that right...

Especially with the preloading coming

Vitalogy1628d ago

So they don't deliver and yet force you to spend the money on their store anyway. I disagree with these politics :(

Drithe1628d ago Show
SilentNegotiator1628d ago

"Offers Refund For Digital Purchase"

UltimateMaster1628d ago (Edited 1628d ago )

My issue with digital download is when you download it and there's some kind of corrupted data that messes with your game.
It happens to me a lot with my PC games.
You have to go and download it again.
With games being bigger in size, I don't have the bandwidth nor the patience to go off and re-downloading it.
From a disc, if anything it'll take less than a minute to get everything up and going again.

Also I don't know when the pre-loading feature will come, but I'm guessing it's with the next update.
They said it will come, not "it's here".

thorstein1628d ago

Update: The PlayStation Store download issue regarding MLB 14 The Show on PS4 has been resolved. We apologize for any frustration this caused, and thank the community for its patience and understanding.

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Future_20151628d ago

im so disappointed, i bought it on the ps store a day before hoping to play and now i get this BS from sony

3-4-51628d ago

Pre-loading is the most overrated thing talked about this gen.

They need to get this fixed, but I have full confidence they will do so.

Deividas1628d ago

This has nothing to do with pre-loading. This is Day 1 Digital. Pre-loading isnt even available yet

Rickgrimes951628d ago

It better work for watch dogs

Christopher1628d ago (Edited 1628d ago )

While it kinda sucks, I think there's a bit of an overreaction here. As a person who's played MMOs since the mid 90s... never expect anything to go as planned on day 1 of any digital release. Never.

Hopefully Sony fixes it so that their future pre-loading plans actually work. And, hey, you know, perhaps they make sure all their exclusive titles utilize it?

From the article: "A whole set of angry comments were posted by various users on the official PlayStation Blog and reddit regarding Sony’s failure to deliver on their Day 1 digital program."

Looked at both sources. Both pale in comparison to the vitriol being shown here. Good ole game journalism.

BLow1628d ago (Edited 1628d ago )

Wow a comment with some common sense. You really expect gamers today to except anything but perfection. I mean no one can ever make a mistake right. Humans are perfect right? It's really sad how upset people over some minor things. Stuff happens sometime in life, and even though it might be a minor inconvenience, you just have to work through it until a fix or solution comes.

I'm sure Sony is aware of this issue and will handle it. Do any of you complainers ever make a mistake at work? Opps, I forgot that all of you are perfect. You know sometimes my cable or Internet goes out. Is it the end of the world? Nooo. Sometimes peoples car breaks down or anything else made by humans can break or stop working. Does the world stop going? Nooo. Some of your need to come back to reality and realize this perfect world your imagining doesn't exist.

thehitman1628d ago

I never depend on anything digital day one. You hit it on the head anyone who has high expectations for day 1 digital content is asking for trouble unless you can download it days in advance. I am sure it will get fixed eventually but I find games are always better to just go to the store and buy it or at least buy it online for launch day shipping.

showtimefolks1628d ago

this stuff is still new so let's give both sony/ms some time, i am sure both will get this right moving forward

Copen1628d ago

It's still early into this generation and some hiccups should be expected and accepted. Sony will get it right but being upset about it is understandable. For the inconvenience Sony should offer affected customers a 5.00 or 10.00 PSN store credit as an olive branch to people who didn't get what they paid for when they staid it would be available.

XiSasukeUchiha1628d ago

Don't worry Sony has your back later on :)

MazzingerZ1628d ago (Edited 1628d ago )

Nice name hehe
Actually last game I took off for and pre-ordered was MGS4...after that really didn't care anymore,.one more day or week to play a game, no difference to just didn't feel the same, too much PR around games, loved the time when gamers hyped games nor people that don't even play games themselves...I guess Kojima had right: "War has changed..." it was metaphoric about VG industry:P

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Neonridr1628d ago

Shame for the people who bought the game digitally hoping to be able to download it first thing this morning. Sony shouldn't be advertising something if they aren't going to back it up. It's poor business practices.

AceBlazer131628d ago

At least they get the refund. But it's pretty disappointing not being able to play a game you were looking forward to.

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